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Asher D. Biemann

“belief in stability.” Cf. Friedrich Meinecke, Die Entstehung des Historismus (Munich: Oldenbourg, 1959), 2–3. By contrast, Karl Popper later approached historicism (historism) from the perspective of critique of ideology, contending that historicism’s principal aim was “historical prediction” through

Baruch Levine

put it in mythical terms in a prediction of a cataclysm: Prepare ro meer your God, Israel! Behold, Projections of Sacred Space 69 It is he who formed the mountains, And created the wind; Who has told man what his wish is; Who turns blackness into daybreak, wedorifk 'al bamote 'are! And treads upon

Eric Lawee

:177, where ibn Balaam is said to be among those who castigated ibn Giqatila for under- standing prophetic predictions in this manner. Cf., however, Gerson Cohen, The Book of Tradition (philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1991), p. 300, who includes ibn Balaam among adherents of this view

Dov Schwartz

overcame Pharaoh's astrologers. Elsewhere, the prophet in general, and Moses in par- ticular, is described as superior to others in his ability to make astrological predictions. Moses foresaw that Egypt's guardian star (i.e., Mars) would lead to its downfall: There is no doubt that the Israelites were wise

Jacob Barnai

, which had been focused on the year 1648 (5408 according to the Jewish calendar) would have joined the long list of such predictions if not for the pogroms that occurred in Poland in that year. In the Zohar it is written: 5 Jacob Barnai, "Christian messianism and the Portuguese Marranos: The background

Derek McDougall

’ writing on ‘Notes on Post-Secular Society’ is foundational for this shift and the employment of the term ‘post-secular’. 43 Habermas noted that the prediction lying behind the secularization theory that religion would eventually disappear has not been realized. Looking beyond Europe, which was ‘in the

Carolina Armenteros

). In this respect, it is interesting that when Bliicher died and Arendt began writing The Life of the Mind, she once again returned to the Romantic and existentialist ideals of her youth, extolling thinking as a liberation that helped one love the world. Thought's prediction of reality, which had

James Diamond

). A. The writing of the Torah. B. The characters of the Tablets. C. The Tablets themselves. All of these take place at Sinai. The false prophet trial passages are predictions made at Sinai and account for the vital role played by the Sinaitic theophany. They act as a safeguard in withstanding the test

Peter Ochs

what it is. If the ontology is a good one, this correspondence should enable the reader to make accurate predictions about what may be observed on a given occasion. Expansive ontologies describe entities in which ontologist and reader are participants. In this case, a good ontology would enable

Menachem Kellner

position supports and is supported by his scientific realism. Studying the heavens does more than give us a tool for making predictions; it pro- vides us with real knowledge about the heavenly bodies and their movers - it thus allows us to acquire intelligibles of a very high and noble degree, adding