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Lieke van Deinsen

the prestigious author portrait collection of the leading Leiden literary society ‘Kunst Wordt Door Arbeid Verkregen’ (Art is Attained Through Labor). 25 His prediction proved to be correct, but the reactions on the festive initiation that took eventually place in 1785, came too late for De Lannoy to

Alison Baverstock and Jackie Steinitz

To explore the reason why some biographies by or about politicians are more successful than others, and to help publishers consider the range of factors that may impact on their commissioning decisions, we sought to establish a range of likely influencing factors and to combine them in a formula. This is not a magic prediction tool, but rather a range of considerations that need to be worked through for various publishing propositions before decisions are made. As an exercise, and a starting point for wider discussions, it may benefit a group of individuals preparing for an editorial meeting at which commissioning is to be considered.

Cody’s Books

A glorious unravelling

David Emblidge

management but because of the cost of equity. The recent renaissance, since about 2013, of indie bookstores in the US (more new ones opening than old ones closing) seems to belie this prediction. Still, coming from an economist with a broad view, Damodaran’s prediction was a bitter pill to swallow


Edited by Harry Vredeveld

often, Eobanus’s prediction proved wildly optimistic. For one, he had a hard time settling on the book’s dedicatee; for another, he insisted on first having the dedicatory letter critiqued by his “Aristarch,” Joachim Camerarius. Hence it was that he did not send the manuscript to Setzer until ca. late


Joop W. Koopmans

, pp. 65, 72. The titles of these pamphlets were Nouvelles prédictions and Triomphe de la liberté . For other bans related to England in these years see e.g. Knuttel, nrs. 359 (in 1670, at the instigation of Dutch envoys in England!), 35 (in 1673), 130 (in 1683), 270 (in 1685), and 106 (in 1688; for


Carter Vaughn Findley

Arvidson’s predictions. 80 Simultaneous interests in both enlightenment and occultism, however paradoxical, were then widespread in Europe. Gustav’s brother Duke Charles, almost pathologically interested in Freemasonry, played a foundational role in its Swedish development. By character, he was indecisive


Simon C. Thomson

do so. It should be stressed that this is by no means an inevitable conclusion from this re-reading, but that the possibility, closed down by O’Brien O’Keeffe, can now be reopened. The passage is part of Beowulf’s prediction to Hygelac of conflict over Freawaru, Ingeld’s increasing rivalry, and

G.W. Ovink

a new media and information policy. For my part I have no desire to add any new predictions to these specula- tions this afternoon; on the contrary, all I shall be adding will be question marks. The point at issue is how hazardous are the predictions upon which many people nevertheless have to base

Paul Valkema Blouw

Vraye Prediction is decorated with a frame formed by four woodcut strips (illus. i). On the last page of both editions (but in French in the Prediction) we find an appro- bation by the parish priest of Vianen, Willem van Varick, followed by a priv- ilege of Hendrik van Brederode dated 21 November 1565

Adriaan van der Weel

newer media have presented themselves in the course of the past century, notably radio, fi lm, television. However, in spite of the gloomiest predictions, the mass media have failed to cause the book’s demise. Nor have they even begun to rival the status of the book as the single most e ff ective vehicle