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Kimberley Webb

Divination, Prediction and the End of the Roman Republic . Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2013. xii, 357 pp. Pr. £65.00 (hb). isbn 9781107026841. Finding its place among the growing list of recent titles on ancient divination, this work comprehensively highlights the key aspects of

Badian, Ernst (Cambridge, MA) and Neudecker, Richard (Rome)

[German version] Visionary from  Telmessus, in the service first of  Philippus, then of  Alexander [4] the Great; hero of many anecdotes which only report on successful predictions; no further references after the death of  Cleitus. Prophecies of the future success of some of the  Diadochi have

Savvidis, Kyriakos (Bochum)

[German version] (Ἀποφθέγματα πατρῶν; Apophthégmata patrôn). Anonymous collection of ‘Patristic sayings’ belonging to the most copied works of early monasticism. It contains short anecdotes of early monastic life and the  anachoresis in the Egyptian desert. They are teachings, prophetic predictions

Harder, Ruth Elisabeth (Zürich)

[German version] (Πολύκλεια/Polýkleia). Heroine from the family of the Heraclidae, who received an oracular prediction that the first person to cross the Achelous [1] would become ruler of the Boeoti, who were at the time living in Thessalia. She asked her brother Aeatus to carry her over the river

Irene J.F. De Jong

(i) their familiarity with the epic tradition, and (ii) predictions made in the text by the characters (prophecies, prayers, threats, suggestions, etc.) and by the narrator. Foreshadowing means that predictions are fulfilled and hence are true, misdirection that they are not, or later, or dif

The Trouble with Calasiris

Duplicity and Autobiographical Narrative in Heliodorus and Galen

Lawrence Kim

, because they have been permitted to view events from the privileged position of Galen himself. In the story of Cyrillus, the reader shares the experience of the internal audience, particularly Boethus, who is first astonished at Galen’s predictions before learning of the rational explanations behind them

J. Mansfeld

meteorite need not have been predicted by A. in a book, indeed need not have been predicted at all. Diog. Laert. II 10 in the same breath assures us that he predicted rain by wairing a coat and that it rained; 59 A 11-12 look like guide-lore. Presumably, the tale of Thales' successful prediction of a solar

‘Interpreters of Interpreters’

Oracular and Grammatical Hermeneutics

Minna Seppänen and Antti Lampinen

’ oracles, being expelled from Athens after having been caught ‘in the act of interpolating’ a spurious prediction into the corpus of oracles he kept. 31 From the Imperial period we have the criticism directed by the Cynic Oenomaus of Gadara at oracular manipulation—including a purposeful retention of

Virginia M. Lewis

Apollo at Delphi that predicts that his offspring will rule over Corinth (5.92β). As the narrative proceeds, the oracle’s prediction comes to pass when his son, Kypselos, becomes tyrant of Corinth, ousts the Bacchiads, and begins a new line of Kypselid tyrants. Similarly, the future power of the

Gerard Boter and Jaap-Jan Flinterman, Abstract In two passages of the Oneirocritica , Artemidorus discusses the practice of asking the gods for a dream containing a prediction or an advice. Th e prevailing opinion among scholars is that Artemidorus rejects this type of dreams categorically. In this article it is