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Olivier Venture and Marc Kalinowski

), 99 – 138 . Kalinowski Marc , “ Hemerology and Prediction in the Daybooks: Ideas and Practices ,” in Harper Donald and Kalinowski Marc eds., Books of Fate and Popular Culture in Early China: The Daybook Manuscripts of the Warring States, Qin, and Han (Handbuch der

Barry L. Bull

contributions of particular students can be predicted reasonably accurately so that whether they deserve access to higher education and to what curriculum they deserve access can be determined. However, a society’s ability to make such predictions is extremely limited. In part, this is the result of the

James Chin

host societies before giving his personal prediction on the prospects of Chinese communities in Russia and Eastern Europe. The final chapter, though short, is full of theoretical discussions. In fewer than four pages, the author identifies the Chinese migrants in Russia and Eastern Europe as a

Xiaorong Han

chance to succeed. Such predictions are hypothetical because all three projects were still in their early stages of development when they were abruptly interrupted by the Vietnamese invasion in late 1978. In other words, the common factor of Vietnamese invasion probably played a more important role in

Uffe Bergeton

to actively promote Confucianism as a core element of national identity, but he concludes with the tentative prediction that Confucianism in the future may be most influential in China as a civil religion. Chapter 3, “The Revival of Confucianism in Mainland China: The Vicissitudes of Confucian

Translator Connie Rosemont

publication of the Communist Manifesto were in 2018. Using this occasion, Chinese scholars published a host of research from new vantage points and with greater dimensionality, showing that Marx’s diagnosis of the pathology of capitalism and his prediction of the likely path and prospects for human

Donald Harper (夏德安)

the second slip). The position of the handle of the Dipper, which functions as an astro-calendrical pointer, is the key to the interpretation of the diagram and stellar lodge entries. The information provided in each entry concerns predictions for various activities when the Dipper handle is aligned

Ryan P. Kellogg

probability that a student would be a returnee. A test of the model (Equation 1) was statistically significant, indicating that the predictors, as a set, reliably distinguished between returnees and non-returnees (χ2=54.463, p<0.000 with df=4). Prediction success overall was 86% (75% for non-returnees and 89

Cécile Mathou and Jin Yan

predictions on international student demand for higher education. This new modelling tool has been devised to identify short to medium term trends in student mobility across a number of markets. The model considers economic and demographic factors and takes into account the provision of higher education

Is Higher Education Expansion Related to Increasing Unemployment Rates?

A Comparative Analysis of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

Cheng-Cheng Yang and Sheng-Ju Chan

developing history in the world and the prediction of its impacts on society. 2 Wang warned us that excessively rapid growth in higher education could lead to possible consequences of unemployment in the educated sector and the devaluation of qualifications. 3 Thus, it is important to use empirical data to