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Diego Acosta Arcarazo

This book studies the implications for third-country nationals of the adoption of the Long-term Residence Directive. This Directive has the potential to become a subsidiary form of EU citizenship which escapes direct control by Member States. Hence, this Directive brings the prospect of transforming Member States’ control over the relationship between territory and population. In order to arrive at this conclusion, the book looks at its content and at the way in which Member States have implemented some of its most controversial articles. It then explores how the Court of Justice could interpret those articles, taking into account its previous jurisprudence on Turkish workers and EU citizens and calling into question the compliance of several national provisions with EU law.

Jeffrey Kahn

less effective human rights system for Russia and everyone else. Now, Russia presents the risk of destroying that system. Predictions like this are risky, and provocative, but this one is made in the hope of promoting discussion. The prediction is all the more regrettable because no other international

Benedikt C. Harzl and Aistė Mickonytė

to be seen, and predictions in this regard are nothing short of so-called ‘Kremlin astrology’, in the end, Russia does not show overwhelming signs of wishing to abandon its commitments in Europe by, for instance, leaving the echr . Still, the Review will closely follow these events, continuing to

Mikhail Antonov

their job, are likely to perform in their function, and how to test such predictions on the basis of empirical data. On occasion, Posner’s proposals are likely to collide: on the one hand, he calls to “conduct scientifically grounded research into the role of ideological and other priors in judging” (p

Benedikt C. Harzl

the smooth implementation of these agreements. In the absence of empirical references in such political constellations, however, any prediction as to whether or not this will actually be the case is like flying blind and without any instruments. In this context, one may ask whether Ukraine will one

Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias

looking at the strictly legal consequences and scenarios that are likely to emerge from implementation of Poland’s memory laws (or of the inra at least), are not unanimous in making dire predictions. Voices of conciliation are also heard. As noted by Wojciech Kozłowski, given the general rules governing

Kathryn Hendley

historical legacy is uneven. Although helpful in explaining what prompts ordinary Russians to use the courts, an earlier study focusing on the behavior of Russian industrial enterprises as they sought to collect overdue debts from their customers confounded Galanter’s predictions. Firms with prior experience

Helle Tegner Anker, Chris W. Backes, Lasse Baaner, Andrea M. Keessen and Stefan Möckel

/ha/year) in some of the eastern parts of the Netherlands. 9 Despite a general reduction in ammonia emissions by 24 % since 1990, predictions up to 2020 indicate that the risk of exceeding critical loads remains high, irrespective of the implementation of current policies and measures to reduce nitrogen

Antonija Ivančan and Davor Petrić

Member States: Several (Early) Predictions’, 6(3) German Law Journal (2005), 563–582; Anneli Albi, EU Enlargement and the Constitutions of Central and Eastern Europe ( cup , Cambridge, 2005); Michal Bobek, ‘A New Legal Order, or a Non-Existent One? Some (Early) Experiences in the Application of EU

Benedikt Harzl

I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd., London, 2014, 220 pp. £18.99 $28.00 isbn : 978-1-78453-064-8 (hardback) The crisis in and over Ukraine has shattered relations between the West and Russia. A major blow has been dealt to previous optimistic predictions that the post-Cold War order would open up