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Casulleras, Josep

A horoscope is a diagram of the positions of various elements considered astrologically significant on the celestial sphere. Horoscopes are calculated for a particular moment and place and casting them is the main practice of astrology and the basis for astrological predictions. Despite the fact

Rippin, Andrew

Israel (q.v.) in the book (q.v.): ‘You shall do corruption (q.v.) in the earth twice, and you shall ascend exceeding high.’” Isaiah is well known in the “stories of the prophets” literature (qiṣaṣ al-anbiyāʾ, see prophets and prophethood ), especially for his predictions of the coming of Jesus (q.v.) and

Stewart, Devin J.

A wish or prayer (q.v.) for misfortune or disaster to befall someone or something; with specific reference to God, the prediction or causation of misfortune; the expression of this invocation, prediction or causation or the result thereof. All of these significations are rendered in the Qurʾān by

Macdonald, D. B.

al-Ḏj̲afr (q. v. and the references there). Such predictions as to public affairs have close connection with, and were probably developed from the Jewish and Christian apocalypses. As there are many stories, both in sober historians and in popular tales, describing these books as secretly preserved

de Vaux, Carra

, Jewish, Christian and Persian feasts, the correspondence with the Syrian months, astronomical and meteorological predictions, the dates at which the principal agricultural operations should be performed, as well as other operations. The Muʾad̲h̲d̲h̲ins use tables called zīd̲j̲ or taḳwīm to know the

Peterson, Daniel C.

prediction of Isaac (q.v.) and Jacob (q.v.) given to Sarah was good news (q 11:69-74; 15:51-5; 29:31; 37:100-1, 112; 51:28) as were the announcements of John the Baptist (q.v.) to Zechariah (q.v.; q 3:39; 19:7) and of Jesus (q.v.) to Mary (q.v.; q 3:45). Jesus himself proclaimed the good news of the coming

Macdonald, D. B.

-Ḥurūf, the method of prediction by assigning (by Abd̲j̲ad) numerical values to letters (Ḥād̲j̲d̲j̲ī Ḵh̲aīfa, ii, pp. 603 et seq.). To this science (al-Simiyāʾ) Ibn Ḵh̲aldūn devotes a section (Quatremère, iii, pp. 137 et seq.; de Slane, iii, pp. 188 et seq.; Būlāḳ, pp. 245 et seq.); but makes no connection

Johan Weststeijn

subtle hints that suggest what might possibly happen later in the story, a process which is called foreshadowing. In the case of predictions such as predictive dreams, both reader and char- acter are given a hint of what might happen later. Such a prediction raises the following questions: What does the

W. Eberhard

astronomical formulae from observation and uses them for predictions and other calculations, the simplest approach is to calculate with these formulae the day and year, when all astronomical bodies including the chro- nological cycles fell on one and the same day and then to calculate the number of revolutions