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Brian Arly Jacobsen

snapshot of the number of adherents of a particular religion, it is not suitable as a basis for predictions of the development. This requires a more thorough insight into developments over time, that is, knowledge of, for example, ethnic composition, age distribution, migration, family structures and

Göran Larsson

demographic arguments to claim that Islam and Muslims will take over Europe and define them as proponents of the Eurabia theory. Some writers might disagree with this label, but all the examples I use in the article are based on so-called demographic predictions that envisage an end to Europe as we know it

Burak Doğu

Prediction , pp. 199–224. New York: Cambridge University Press. Tüfekçi, Zeynep and Christopher Wilson (2012). Social Media and the Decision to Participate in Political Protest: Observations from Tahrir Square. Journal of Communication 62 (2): 363–379. Twitter Blog (2009). Down Time Rescheduled. Accessed

‘Dual Use Research of Concern’ and ‘Select Agents’

How Researchers Can Use Free Speech to Avoid ‘Weaponising’ Academia

Alison Scott-Baumann

, 19 The ‘Prevent’ duty guidance appears to contribute to the ‘othering’ of which Sheikh writes and ‘Prevent’ has grown: Heath-Kelly (2017, 310) chronicles the mutation of counter terrorism policy under ‘Prevent’ (2007-2017) from a statistical, probabilistically-based prediction model that focused

Sabine Dreher

the background for Tuğal’s (2002) prediction that “religion might slowly become the main anti-systemic force, replacing socialism as an alternative social movement” (85). Yet, an examination of the practices of the Hizmet shows that this portrayal of religious activists in general opposition to

Matthijs van den Bos

the Master’s wishes (ibid., 157). When notables in Mashhad sought to prevent the festive welcome of the new governor, a military commander and disciple of Solṭānᶜalīshāh intervened. Made aware of his Master’s prediction, he and his forces arranged their own celebratory reception with military honours

Albert de Jong

under investigation that suffice, or so it is hoped, to serve a certain purpose (e.g. confirmation, explanation, prediction or understanding)” (2013: 2). It is possible, and even likely, that there are differences in the level or intensity of religious pluralism in different societies and cultures. This

Maurits S. Berger

have “Muslim majorities by the end of the 21st century,” 8 and downplayed this prediction several years later with the remark that “in the foreseeable future” Muslims would constitute “significant majorities in at least some European cities or even countries.” 9 Another persistent number that

Feriha Perekli

their predictions for a vision of an apocalypse, i.e., the breakdown of the social system ( Whalen and Flacks 1989 : 147). The fading of revolutionary romanticism left its place to a process of reassessment of the totalistic nature of revolutionary project and activists’ gradual embrace of adult roles

Klas Grinell

. Thus wrote Peter Mansfield in The Contemporary Review as the Festival closed on the last of June 1976. 1 This prediction turned out to be wrong, as the Festival can hardly be said to have had any lasting impact on “the relations between Islam and Christianity”. The political reframing of Islam since