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Geoff Nichols

volunteering is more frequently done by younger adults and teenagers. b S-Theory—Moving toward a Comprehensive Prediction of all Human Behavior Before reviewing research that has specifically asked sports volunteers why they volunteer, it is worth noting that an alternative approach assumes that individuals

Nonprofit Organization Governance

A Theoretical Review

Stijn Van Puyvelde

entrepreneurship research: A source of explanation, prediction, and delight Journal of World Business 2006 41 1 36 44 Manetti G. The role of blended value accounting in the evaluation of socio-economic impact of social enterprises Voluntas 2014 25 2 443 464 Marshall A

David Horton Smith

, arnova may be split into two related but independent and different associations for the two different thrusts and purposes. Which of these occurs will depend on the skill of arnova ’s leadership in the future. A similar prediction may be made for other large researcher associations in the field of

Shopper’s Paradise

Retail Stores and American Consumer Culture

Arthur Asa Berger

his book by writing: One should not view these predictions with alarm. They should be accepted with the good grace that all new technological developments deserve. If and when they do come about … shoppers will find that they will serve them better than the catalogues of today. In the meantime, hold

Bilge Sayim, Kimberly A. Jameson, Nancy Alvarado and Monika Szeszel

opsin genotype analyses; and (3) a comparison of results to a set of theory-based predictions. Analysis 1 examined all 52 subjects’ data, whereas a subset of 47 subjects who volunteered blood specimens (30 female, 17 male) comprise the DNA subgroups presented in Analysis 2. We tested predictions for

Stefaan Blancke, Maarten Boudry and Johan Braeckman

to cooperate under very special experimental conditions. Many pseudoscientific claims are also moving targets, amenable to a range of interpretations. This is notoriously so in the case of astrology and assorted forms of fortune-telling. Horoscopes may look as if they contain specific predictions or

Kimberly Jameson

accomplished using accepted models in the color-naming in the literature. JCC_5,3-4_F3_293-347 10/18/05 5:36 PM Page 336 color cognition universals 337 Comparisons across Grouped Languages using Framework’s Heuristics and Principles Irrespective of dimensional emphases, one prediction of the IDM and its

Stanley Aronowitz

– the dire predictions of Luxemburg and of the anti-fascists of the 1930s and 1940s will likely come true. The greatest danger is that we will remain burdened by the past. Under these circumstances the left will find itself caught in the tangled web of fragmentation and, for this reason, will sink even

Raymond Apthorpe and John Borton

, diagnosis and prediction. Bringing margins of error to the table is another strategy that can be helpful whether towards raising or lowering expectations. Another is to work with mixes of methods of counting so as to transcend (or “average out”) the strengths and weaknesses of each, rather than to go for

Rodney Coates

are able to derive specific hypotheses, draw specific conclusions, and make clear predictions regarding development, change, maintenance, and permanence. Our ideal types were therefore drawn from simple observations regarding the type of political ideology and the level of military and/or industrial