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James Spickard

-activities. Doing serious ethnography means that theological reflection happens only after the ethnographic data has rolled in. It is a second-order activity, equally valuable but not the same. Its ideals regulate it differently, and in a different direction. Pure ethnography can make no predictions about where its

God and Story in the Church and in Doctrine

Reflections on the Ecclesial Basis of Method in Theology

Paul S. Fiddes

achieve new generalizations or universals. 17 There might also be some dialogue between theologians and sociologists about sharing the use of conceptual and imaginative ‘models’ which can organize data before drawing conclusions and making predictions about future human behaviour. One obvious candidate

Graeme Smith

need to think about the appropriate distribution at some point but, for the time being, we can make political decisions without taking into account any future allocations on Mars. The contradictory dualism identified by Williams is better understood as Rorty’s temporal dualism; full prediction is not

Derek McDougall

’ writing on ‘Notes on Post-Secular Society’ is foundational for this shift and the employment of the term ‘post-secular’. 43 Habermas noted that the prediction lying behind the secularization theory that religion would eventually disappear has not been realized. Looking beyond Europe, which was ‘in the

Oliver D. Crisp, James M. Arcadi and Jordan Wessling


In the past decade analytic theology has established itself as a flourishing research program that includes academic journals, monograph series, a dedicated annual conference, research centers on several continents, and a growing and diverse body of work produced by scholars drawn from philosophy, theology, and biblical studies. In this short monograph Oliver Crisp, James Arcadi, and Jordan Wessling introduce readers to analytic theology. The work provides an account of analytic theology, some of the main areas in which analytic theologians have worked, and some of the prospects for the future of analytic theology going forward. It also addresses some key objections to analytic theology as a theological method, and aims to acquaint scholars and students with this new and promising theological movement.

Darren Cronshaw

’s championing of civil society and the social contract. Jon Wilson considers how in a culture that inherits Nietzsche’s prediction about the death of God, and the very real decline of religious activity, the church needs to find options for real political engagement other than enforcing its own wishes on the

Robert C. Newman

) points strongly to the actual intervention into history of some power beyond chance so as to bring about the fulfilment of biblical predictions: that power would naturally be understood as the God of the Bible. In the brief survey that follows, I suggest that a wide range of phenomena in the physical

Brian Heap and Flavio Comim

Mercifully, neither prediction has proved accurate, due partly to the options provided by science, engineering and technology (and in particular the skills of plant breeders) and partly to the complexities that are increasingly recog- nized in regional forecasting. One lesson we can learn is that agriculture

Elaine Graham

the conundrum that has beset the study of religion and public policy for the past two decades: how, given all predictions regarding the ultimate demise of religion, has religious belief and practice made such a dramatic return to the public stage? Accounts of secularization, decline and

Graeme Smith

being stated frequently to explain diverse public events and phenomena. Niebuhr was not always correct in his judgements or predictions. He regretted the time he took to shift from his Socialist allegiance and campaigning to a more realistic appraisal of the us political landscape and his support