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Narrated Communities – Narrated Realities

Narration as Cognitive Processing and Cultural Practice


Edited by Hermann Blume, Christoph Leitgeb and Michael Rössner

Culture studies try to understand how people assume identities and how they perceive reality. In this perspective narration, as a basic form of cognitive processing, is a fundamental cultural technique. Narrations provide the coherence, temporal organization and semantic integration that are essential for the development and communication of identity, knowledge and orientation in a socio-cultural context.
In essence, Anderson’s “Imagined Communities” need to be thought of as “Narrated Communities” from the beginning. Narration is made up by what people think; and vice versa, narration makes up people's thoughts. What is considered "fictitious" or "real" no longer separates narratives from an "outside" they refer to, but rather represents different narratives.
Narration not only constructs notions of what was “real” in retrospect, but also prospectively creates possible worlds, even in the (supposedly hard) sciences, as in e.g. the imaginative simulation of physical processes. The book’s unique interdisciplinary approach shows how the implications of this fundamental insight go far beyond the sphere of literature and carry weight for both scholarly and scientific disciplines.

Dmitry Leontiev

best explicated in Sartre’s famous aphorism “Existence precedes essence” ( Sartre, 1948 , 28); that is, we cannot deduce from any preexisting essences (traits, social class, etc.) the way a person may behave in a given situation, though statistically the prediction may be rather successful. Our actions

Uffe Bergeton

to actively promote Confucianism as a core element of national identity, but he concludes with the tentative prediction that Confucianism in the future may be most influential in China as a civil religion. Chapter 3, “The Revival of Confucianism in Mainland China: The Vicissitudes of Confucian

Translator Connie Rosemont

publication of the Communist Manifesto were in 2018. Using this occasion, Chinese scholars published a host of research from new vantage points and with greater dimensionality, showing that Marx’s diagnosis of the pathology of capitalism and his prediction of the likely path and prospects for human

Taha Hussein

Translator May Hawas

affected war. Such scepticism is really only a kind of caution, however, to avoid making wrong predictions. Grave events must affect people’s lives to as grave a degree. When people’s lives are affected, literature is affected, because literature in the end is only an articulation and reflection of life

Tan Mingran

words, if China truly develops a kind of democracy, its version will be imbued with heavy Chinese characteristics to emphasize the sacrifice and loyalty of individuals to the family and the state, unlike American democracy, which is based on individualism. Bergsten has a bolder prediction, saying