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Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of the Christian Faith 
Existing scholarship on World Christianities tends to privilege the local and the regional. In addition to offering an explanation for this tendency, the editors and contributors of this volume also offer a new perspective. An Introduction, Afterword and case-studies argue for the importance of transregional connections in the study of Christianity worldwide. Returning to an older post-war conception of ‘World Christianity’ as an international, ecumenical fellowship, the present volume aims to highlight the universalist, globalising aspirations of many Christians worldwide. While we do not neglect the importance of the local, our aim is to give due weight to the significant transregional networks and exchanges that have constituted Christian communities, both historically and in the present day.

Contributors are: J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Naures Atto, Joel Cabrita, Pedro Feitoza, David C. Kirkpatrick, Chandra Mallampalli, David Maxwell, Dorottya Nagy, Peter C. Phan, Andrew Preston, Joel Robbins, Chloe Starr, Charlotte Walker-Said, Emma Wild-Wood.

Religion and Techno-Politics in Asia
The Mission of Development interrogates the complex relationships between Christian mission and international development in Asia from the 19th century to the new millennium. Through historically and ethnographically grounded case studies, contributors examine how missionaries have adapted to and shaped the age of development and processes of ‘technocratisation’, as well as how mission and development have sometimes come to be cast in opposition. The volume takes up an increasingly prominent strand in contemporary research that reverses the prior occlusion of the entanglements between religion and development. It breaks new ground through its analysis of the techno-politics of both development and mission, and by focusing on the importance of engagements and encounters in the field in Asia.

kingdom. According to the interpretation of Wolfgang Helck, this damnatio memoriae , to which the tombs of the “anti-kings” may have fallen victim, must have presented a serious crisis of identity, because the preservation of the corpse of the king was a key perquisite for the supply of his people for

In: World History as the History of Foundations, 3000 BCE to 1500 CE

century to the present, one promises inter alia to seek instruction in Holy Writ, to nourish the sick, to obey one’s parents, to convert one’s own family, to free captive animals and to refrain from vengeance, even against someone who murders your relatives, to abstain from meat and to avoid strong

In: World History as the History of Foundations, 3000 BCE to 1500 CE