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were sung by lay parishioners, but it seems clear that Jesuit song was increasingly prized in catechism instruction as a vehicle for memorization. 56 They versified articles of faith, presented narratives of faith and salvation, and more broadly sought to emotionalize religious experience. 57

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of the Christian Faith 
Existing scholarship on World Christianities tends to privilege the local and the regional. In addition to offering an explanation for this tendency, the editors and contributors of this volume also offer a new perspective. An Introduction, Afterword and case-studies argue for the importance of transregional connections in the study of Christianity worldwide. Returning to an older post-war conception of ‘World Christianity’ as an international, ecumenical fellowship, the present volume aims to highlight the universalist, globalising aspirations of many Christians worldwide. While we do not neglect the importance of the local, our aim is to give due weight to the significant transregional networks and exchanges that have constituted Christian communities, both historically and in the present day.

Contributors are: J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Naures Atto, Joel Cabrita, Pedro Feitoza, David C. Kirkpatrick, Chandra Mallampalli, David Maxwell, Dorottya Nagy, Peter C. Phan, Andrew Preston, Joel Robbins, Chloe Starr, Charlotte Walker-Said, Emma Wild-Wood.

team of Jesuits. It is the basic compendium of knowledge on the subject, with 7,592 thematic and biographical entries. As we read in the introduction, 6 The present encyclopedia was created over many years by a fairly tight circle of Jesuit historians. Their number was purposefully limited in

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

. The expression “Great Western Ocean,” on the other hand, has so far failed to capture equal attention from scholars. Concepts of the Western Sea 西海 and even Western Ocean 西洋 (routinely without the prefix “Great” da 大) had been present on Chinese maps and in geographical texts to illustrate the

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

embodied, but still point toward a constructive, non-defensive engagement of the world from a faith perspective, which expects to find God present in other peoples, cultures, and religions. 2 After considering how the provenance of the collection reflects the European origins and missionary efforts of the

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies
A survey of the latest scholarship on Catholic missions between the 16th and 18th centuries, this collection of fourteen essays by historians from eight countries offers not only a global view of the organization, finances, personnel, and history of Catholic missions to the Americas, Africa, and Asia, but also the complex political, cultural, and religious contexts of the missionary fields.
The conquests and colonization of the Americas presented a different stage for the drama of evangelization in contrast to that of Africa and Asia: the inhospitable landscape of Africa, the implacable Islamic societies of the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires, and the self-assured regimes of Ming-Qing China, Nguyen dynasty Vietnam, and Tokugawa Japan.

Contributors are Tara Alberts, Mark Z. Christensen, Dominique Deslandres, R. Po-chia Hsia, Aliocha Maldavsky, Anne McGinness, Christoph Nebgen, Adina Ruiu, Alan Strathern, M. Antoni J. Üçerler, Fred Vermote, Guillermo Wilde, Christian Windler, and Ines Zupanov.

tradition in terms of its possible contribution to present historical progress. To this end, I seek to undertake a task of socio-historic reflexivity. In this regard, I need and seek to meet the historical challenges that face us. For this reason, the approach is not traditionalist or imitative but critical

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

periodical Život [Life] in 1919 and a respected journal, Croatia Sacra , in 1931, as well as helping to start Vrela i prinosi . Fontes et Studia [Sources and Contributions], a publication focusing on the history of Croatian Jesuits at home and abroad (1932–1941, 1981–present). Croatian Jesuits also

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

courts, as well as the design and staging of major urban festivals and religious devotions—all seen as effective tools of religious and often political persuasion. In her work on early modern Jesuit culture and education in Milan, Giovanna Zanlonghi has presented the theory of a complex strategy of

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies

statuettes from Diu to Goa in 1688. 21 According to these sources, Goa is turned into a large stock market of specialized artistic productions before the international diffusion of such objects. Before getting into the study of the sources, it would be useful to present the artistic subject to be later

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies