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-Orient par le fléau d’une pullulation, surtout dans les cités, de bandes de chiens considérés comme «marrons» (angl. «maroon» de l’espagnol «cimarron» c’est-à-dire revenu à la vie sauvage) par certains cynologues et comme «pariahs» par certains autres. On tolérait, cependant, dans une certaine mesure, la

being a chameleon, the imperative of blending into one’s environment in order to survive, is more urgent for the expa- triate intellectual marooned in an American white bread world than for the member of an established immigrant community. By choosing to write in English, these writers position

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leather, apparently goat or sheep skin, in dark brown or maroon tones. MS . L -14029 from the Malaga Provincial Historical Archive is covered in vellum. This is a re-used document in a thick parchment. The external face is the yellowish hair side, but internally there are remains of a carbon ink script

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of adopting private sector friendly policies’ (Hariri 1999: 25). This projected vision of Lebanon was emphasized in the postwar currency change. The 1964 banknotes, for example, were characterized by earth-like monotone shades, including light maroon, dark green and plum, while their successors

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