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Agnieszka Brylak

the fall of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. However, just like all alphabetic texts in Nahuatl, independently from the region in which they were produced, the Guatemalan petitions are not free from the linguistic influence of Spanish. In the present study I will focus precisely on these contact

Rob Pensalfini and Felicity Meakins

language ( Aikhenvald, 2003 ; Corbett, 1991 ; Heath, 1978 ; Matras and Sakel, 2007 ; Seifart, 2012 ; Stolz, 2009 ; Stolz, 2012 ). To date, all studies have examined the unidirectional transfer of nouns from one language into another. In this paper, we present a case study from northern Australia

Eliane Lorenz

Travis, 2018: 172). This shows that the bilingual speakers have two distinct grammars. The last missing investigation is presented in chapter 9. Torres Cacoullos and Travis resume the popular argument that code-switching promotes convergence (see Gumperz and Wilson, 1971 ). In the bilingual community of

Melanie Borchers Abstract As far as the lexical infl uence of French is concerned Middle English has already been investi- gated. Th e present paper claims that the infl uence that French exerted due to the language contact situation after the Norman Conquest exceeds the impact on the English lexicon and provides evidence

Katja Hannß

language is that language from which a contact language derives the bulk of its lexicon”. With respect to Kallawaya, this means that Kallawaya is the contact language, which has borrowed its lexicon from Pukina, Quechua, Aymara, and Uru-Chipaya. In the course of the present paper, I will argue that Stark

Joshua R. Brown and Benjamin Carpenter

of heritage language proficiency has declined in Wisconsin, it is nonetheless present today, though the greatest populations of heritage language speakers now hail from Latin America, East Asia, and Africa. Previous work on immigrant bilingualism in the United States has shown that usually within

French Guianese Creole

Its Emergence from Contact

William Jennings and Stefan Pfänder

for the study of early fgc and shows that the Arawak pidgin needs to be considered as part of the language contact situation in early French Guiana. Guy Hazaël-Massieux (1990) presented the hypothesis that in contrast to the Lesser Antilles, Native American languages like Arawak may have played

slm is Dead, Long Live Sri Lanka Malay

A Review Article of Nordhoff 2013

Umberto Ansaldo

the intense Malay-Tamil bilingualism mentioned above is, basically, historical fiction, Tamil-Malay marriage did indeed happen on a significant scale. This may be confirmed if the new or reinterpreted historical material presented is accurate. The implication of this would be that Tamil is indeed a

Eitan Grossman

1 Introduction The present article takes a quantitative approach to investigating contact-induced change, using typological parameters established for the purposes of cross-linguistic comparison. Specifically, it examines the likelihood that a socio-politically dominant language, Greek

Ahmad Al-Jallad

identical to its ASA counterpart, differing only in that the onset of the pronominal morphemes was t as opposed to k . The diffusion of inflectional morphology is not limited to exchanges in the expression of a shared morphological category. Entire morphological categories, present in one