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in Biblische Zeitschrift
in Biblische Zeitschrift

based Exchange 34,2_f5_120-133 5/12/05 11:27 AM Page 121 122  .  4 James L. Crenshaw, Ecclesiastes (Old Testament Library), London: SCM 1988; M.V. Fox, Qohelet and His Contradictions , She ffi eld: She ffi eld Academic Press 1987; R.E. Murphy, Ecclesiastes (World Bible Commentary 23A

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each “book” with a hope oracle of one sort or another, 4 while the second has its closest parallel in the redactional reflection on the nature of the Qohelet collection in Eccl 12:9–11. 5 The juxtaposition of these endings disturbs a simple reading of the book by decentering its understanding of the

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Qohelet. In her doctoral dissertation she chal- lenges the doctrine of justification. As a Protestant theologian she asks whether this Protestant formula that was inherited from American and Euro- pean missionaries, could be of any interest for Latin America, a continent suffering under economic debt. It

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This book constitutes one of the more sophisticated applications of a cognitive approach to metaphor in the Hebrew Bible that has appeared in recent years. Nicole L. Tilford explores metaphors for “the cognitive experience” (p. 201) found in the biblical wisdom literature (Proverbs, Job, Qohelet

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encounter with Yahweh” (67). Th e book of Job shows how knowledge “revealed by God often runs contrary to the natural instincts of human reason” (79), while Qohelet can only juxtapose the order and disorder in the world and remain disquieted by them, on which the narrator comments, Proverbs-like, “when all

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analogy in the present context (Job 16.3; 15.2; cf. 6.26; 7.7; Jer. 15.3; also the frequent use in Qohelet, e.g. 1.14, 17; also Ps. 78.39). To describe the gods finally as tohu is a nice complementary touch. Far from being creative powers like Yahweh they are merely part of the emptiness which Yahweh as

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on Ecclesiastes. Nor do Ernst Wfrthwcin, Gillis Gerleman and Hans-Peter Muller on Song of Songs. The classic French contribution to Qohelet-studies, that by Podechard, is given the honour of featuring once in the index - with a reference to a page on which it is not so much as mentioned. What could

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