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Kyle Pivetti

the possibilities for surveillance and prediction alike. With this glass in hand, there is “ne ought in secret.” Digges is clear about such militaristic applications, often using ships at sea as examples in his explanations of triangulation. Digges promises to reveal all: “I minde to imparte with my

Volume 45, No. 1 Articles The Illusion of a Future: Early Modern Conceptions of the World to Come  1 John S. Garrison and Marissa Nicosia The Optics of Prediction in The Faerie Queene: Merlin’s Reflecting Telescope  7 Kyle Pivetti Ritual Time and Popular Expectations of Papal Rule in

Timothy A. Turner

” because, once Calyphas’s absence is noted, their father will be incensed and “Wrath kindled in the furnace of [Tamburlaine’s] breast / Will send a deadly lightning to his heart” (ll. 7, 9–10). The prediction, of course, turns out to be correct, and when Calyphas appears on stage, he offers a series of

From Fountain to Moleskine

The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Producibility

Maurizio Ferraris

case, then one might as well listen to trash. This is why modern music, contrary to Adorno’s prediction, has changed, becoming kinder, and above all realizing that innovation took place in the technical reproducibility typical of the low-level or medium-level music that Adorno ostracized. Normality is

Laurinda S. Dixon

, pp. 438-484, describes some of the many predictions of lunar eclipses from the years 1464 to 1500. Hermes Trismegistus, The Book of (he Quinte Essence (Or the 5th Being), Trans. F J. Furnivall, London 1965 (lst cd. 1460-76), p. 18. See n. 22 above. 57 Bonus, op.cit. n. 21 above, p. 392. 58 La Vérité

Enza Elena Spinapolice, Andrea Zerboni, Michael Meyer and Donatella Usai

region seems strongly dependent on (i) the local archaeological visibility and (ii) our ability to reconstruct the palaeotopography and palaeoenvironment in order to make predictions where in situ artefacts might be encountered. Scattered surface artefacts in the El Salha area are ubiquitous and they

Adam Andrzejewski and Mateusz Salwa

predictions regarding our social, political, and economic life: if someone respects authority (e.g. government), then she or he is going to obey the authority’s will. For example, when an authority demands following an order (“Attack the castle!”) that we refuse to undertake, then disobeying such authority

Gil Pasternak and Marta Ziętkiewicz

made no comments or predictions as regards the future of the movement. Those who produced it had most likely not known that it was going to be the last issue that the movement would ever publish, and possibly also the last formal document that it would circulate among the public. Given the significant

Pamela R. Willoughby

and use tools in the course of acquiring food. But, what these contemporary animals do is a far cry from what the behavior of the average human. In order to understand what is uniquely human, Shea develops a series of hypotheses and predictions about how hominin tool making and using strategies should

John S. Garrison and Marissa Nicosia

-making for generations of writers just as Benjamin’s angel activates our thinking about past and future today. 12 The issue opens with Kyle Pivetti’s “The Optics of Prediction in The Faerie Queene : Merlin’s Reflecting Telescope.” In order to explore how ideas about the future and futurity were