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Henry A. Giroux

(April 11, 2018) . ; . 1 See, for instance, the cautious and insightful commentary on contemporary comparisons with Nazi Germany in Jonathan Freedland

Peter McLaren and Petar Jandrić

up the struggle for social justice. It is interesting to note that Marx and Engels entered an organization in 1872 that was founded by Wilhelm Weitling, the founder of German communism. Weitling’s organization was based on a communism grounded entirely in the gospel, as can be seen in his 1845 book

Stephen G. Parker, Jenny Berglund, David Lewin and Deirdre Raftery

, structures and relations (e.g. Nazi education is not a contradiction in terms because the Nazi educator intends something good for the influencee). Second, when thinking about definitions of religion there is a tendency to see religious influence as substantially different from other forms of influence

Jon Levin, Peter McLaren and Shindale Seale

facing two seemingly unstoppable masters of war both bent on world domination in Germany and Japan ( Cornell & Hartmann, 2007 ). Comic books and even superhero culture has been well documented by other historians and academics. It is not our intention to discuss the historical significance of comic book