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of the legend of Mary the Egyptian. Motivating Contexts The legend of Mary the Egyptian achieved a perfected form in the Sophronian vita, a hagiography emphasizing the power of an icon of the Blessed Virgin; the life of Mary the Egyptian could thus be read and employed as a refutation of

In: Egypt, Israel, and the Ancient Mediterranean World
Author: Diane Flores

snatching up an unsullied flake and making his pen express the irony of life. (Davies 1917:236) As satire tends to be topical, directed against specific and often transi- tory social or political evils, one would expect its cartoon expression to be a unique and somewhat spontaneous creation, as suggested

In: Egypt, Israel, and the Ancient Mediterranean World

in order to demonstrate that violence against such images entailed more that a symbolic "politi- cal statement." To deface or destroy an image of the king, in the conceptual world of ancient l\ifesopotamia, represented a genuine attempt on the life of the living-or the afterlife of the dead

In: Aššur is King! Aššur is King!
Author: John W. Betlyon

Neo-Babylonian rule to the west, it was inevitable that problems would arise with the independently motivated Phoenicians. In ca. 574, after a long siege, Nebuchadnezzar defeated Tyre and finally brought all of Phoenicia under his rule (Harden 1971:50). Thirty-five years later, Cyrus moved into

In: Egypt, Israel, and the Ancient Mediterranean World

reign and beyond." Both empires were bound to reassert their impe- rial claims repeatedly, at vast cost of materiel and human life, for a lasting humiliation spelled international loss of prestige, and empires must maintain the fiction of invincibility at their peril. The British Foreign Office, the

In: Aššur is King! Aššur is King!

.tlarran and elsewhere aimed at toppling the Sargonid king- ship. His admonitions to Esarhaddon frantically implore the king to save his own life by executing a certain Sasi and his named fellow- conspirators. Given the writer's apparently unmediated knowledge of prophecies, and a description of a

In: Aššur is King! Aššur is King!

library staff likened my investigation to that of a hopeful patron who inquired whether official statistics exist on the number of rats living in Chicago. 6 Estimated for 1998; 1999 Facts About Chicago, Richard At. Daley, Mayor, A1unicipal Reference Library. DIPLOMACY IN THE EXERCISE OF EMPIRE 219

In: Aššur is King! Aššur is King!
Author: Vanessa Davies

sees their blood, he is hetep . 5 Breath or a Breeze from Deities The breath ( tjau ) and breath of life that foreigners request of the Egyptian king also has connotations for living when Egyptians request it of deities. A New Kingdom prayer to Amun asks for breath from the deity. “Give breath

In: Peace in Ancient Egypt
Author: John J. Collins

or practices such as circumcision, or to participate in the pagan cults (Honigman, 2014:378– 404). The idea of religious persecution is dismissed as a myth; the reality had to do with military repression of a revolt that was motivated by economic measures. Honigman claims that her account is

In: Revolt and Resistance in the Ancient Classical World and the Near East
Author: Annette Zgoll

is not a high god, AN.ZA.ĜAR, appears already to the king’s son Lugalbanda (Epic of Lugalbanda I 322–355, H.L.J. Vanstiphout, Reflec- tions on the Dream of Lugalbanda, in J. Prosecký (ed.), Intellectual Life of the Ancient Near East, Papers Presented at the 43rd Rencontre Assyriologique

In: He Has Opened Nisaba's House of Learning