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Author: Albert B. Lord

too must die. Having learned the truth of his own destiny, Gilgamesh returns to the land of the living to live out the full life of a mortal. It was necessary to recapitulate the story's essence here in order that we may have it in our minds as we tum to Homer's Odyssey. 8Ibid., page 93, Tablet

In: Lingering over Words: Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Literature in Honor of William L. Moran

the household lifecycle or "life course" produced by preindustrial rates of mortality and fertility. The in- teraction of mortality and fertility rates determines the proportion of the population who would have living kin of a given sex at a given age, and thus the proportion who could be expected

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol

pillars has often been interpreted as an open courtyard, although Stager (1985a:15f.), John Holladay (1986), and Ehud Netzer (1992: 197) have all suggested that this area was covered by an upper floor (see figure 4 above), which provided additional space in second-story living quar- ters.2 It has

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol

goal- motivated social action must also be taken into account. 30 Interpretation Theory and Ancient Studies that underlie positivist social science. As a result, processualist criticisms of the hermeneutical view of the relationship between the human and natural sci- ences which might be valid if

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol
Author: Peter Enns

traditions speaks volumes for the antiquity of these traditions. That a Greek writer living in Alexandria could allude to Palestinian exegetical traditions with such brevity, almost as an afterthought, and that these traditions had become so connected with the biblical text as to become part of the

In: Exodus Retold

have as their ultimate goal the understanding of human his- tory as a whole. Because all participate in a common historical life there is a level at which the understand- ing of individual expressions of that life is not merely subjective, for such understanding contributes to a common self

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol

III. MEDITERRANEAN HOUSES AND HOUSEHOLDS Chapter 6. Before the Bourgeoisie WE CANNOT discuss the economic and demo- graphic features of patriarchal households in the Bronze and Iron Age Levant without first sketch- ing a picture of urban life in the ancient Mediterra- nean world and considering

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol

particular material condi- tions, but it must be remembered that the material conditions of social life (both environmental and economic) are themselves reciprocally affected by, or even created by, social action itself-action that is motivated by a particular symbolization of the world. Interpretive

In: The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol
Author: Aaron D. Rubin

Ahora estoy viviendo en Boston. 'Now I'm living in Boston.' Ella estaba cocinando cuando el lleg6. 'She was cooking when he arrived.' On the surface, it seems that Spanish behaves exactly like English, that is to say, it uses a form of 'to be'+ GERUND to indicate progressive aspect. But it is im

In: Studies in Semitic Grammaticalization
Author: Samuel A. Meier

.e. Shuppiluliuma) heard this, he called forth the Great Ones for council saying, "Such a thing has never happened to me in my whole life!" 211 The stunning message provokes this royal disorientation, a crisis which can be resolved by summoning an advisory council. The council's deliberations and any response

In: The Messenger in the Ancient Semitic World