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–1956), is a case in point. He was motivated to produce the work as a tribute to the art and creative persona of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917), whose works had greatly influenced him. It has been pointed out that the piece reveals Takamura’s efforts to emulate the French master’s artistry in handling the

In: Finding Lost Wax
Author: Veit Vaelske

no longer be committed to the intentions of the serial prototype. Similarly, a secondary or even tertiary meaning could have arisen during the ‘life’ of single replicas: e.g., broken statuettes were intentionally deposited inside Late Period house walls (cf. Boutantin 2015, 155f.); 58 but previously

In: Iron Age Terracotta Figurines from the Southern Levant in Context
Author: Sumei Wang

Taiwanese merchant, Guo Sihu. The mar- riage between Fongyin and Cizong appears to be a good match in terms of family backgrounds, but soon after they get married, Guo Sihu dies unex- pectedly in a car accident, and Fongyin’s life falls into miserableness. Her mother-in-law, who has been living together

In: The East Asian Modern Girl
Author: Jiyoung Suh

depart girl named Myŏng-ja living as a single person in 1930s Seoul. Of her assumed twenty-yen salary, fi ve yen is usu- ally left after she subtracts all her life expenses including housing, food, electricity and other utili- ties. Myŏng-ja uses that last fi ve yen to purchase accessories to adorn

In: The East Asian Modern Girl

-theological ideology of the empire. 59 In these portraits, the basileus was himself the object of ritual veneration; he embodied the theatre of court ceremonial. 60 All evidence suggests that these images performed the same functions as their living model. They convey a sense of realism, like what we find in the

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In: Meanings and Functions of the Ruler's Image in the Mediterranean World (11th – 15th Centuries)

century, the archbishop of Lyon, Peter of Savoy, had to recognize himself as a vassal of the King of France, and the city was granted a municipal charter in 1320 ( Charte Sapaudine ). The consulate then took charge of the economic and social life of the city. For the management of the city’s common

In: The Paper Trade in Early Modern Europe
Author: Ching Yau

had she committed in her past life to deserve this?31(fi gure 8.1) The presence of foreign traders in the China Coast cities of the Nineteenth century gave rise to a distinct class of Chinese women who were euphemistically described as ‘living under the protection of a for- eigner.’ Because such

In: The East Asian Modern Girl

-object-idea ‘assemblages’; or producing simple allegories of commodity fetishism, status, and alienation; or falling back on a form of secular animism where things have ‘a social life’ of their own. These recurring paradigms may be effective rhetorically because they employ a heuristic whereby the objects under our noses

In: Conceptualism and Materiality

interrupted the saint at prayers, presenting himself in royal dress and claiming to be Christ. 2 figure 7.1 Temptation of St. Martin, Panteón de los Reyes, San Isidoro, León. photo: james d’emilio The scene constitutes just a minor element of an elaborate painted program that centers on the life of

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In: The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange (Expanded Edition)

life, and Lippard’s increasingly politicized assessment of the potentials of a ‘dematerialized’ art—although Masotta’s perspective was more radical, as the Argentinian writer aimed towards a dissolution of art in the mass media and finally in society. 64 Lippard’s trip to Argentina surely contributed

In: Conceptualism and Materiality