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and work. In particular, the Gild is silent on the winsome sports of Kr~Qa as a child and on his amorous sports (lilds) as an adolescent young man, sports which the Gauriya Vai~Qavas confidently believe to reveal the essence of divine life arid the perfec- tion of religious life, loving devotion

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, the most important domestic and ancestral worship (Nep. kul devatā) is that of Lucirim (or Nagi), a snake-shaped being living in the primordial lake where, according to myths, all life originated. These myths also portray Lucirim as the father of the girl whom Kokcilip, the cultural hero, literally

, Donyipoloism encourages people not to give too much significance to them and rather emphasizes the importance of adhering to ethical principles such as living a righteous life. Except on a few prescribed occasions, people are also encouraged to replace animal sacrifices with prayers, as are also expected to do

was partly motivated by the abolition of the 1900 Chittagong Hill Tracts Regulation, which had been passed during British rule in order to protect the hill tribes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. According to the local indigenous non-Chakma groups of the neighboring Indian states, there has been a

 ujir/umjir (ritual messenger), a reference figure for matters pertaining to ritual life and religious ceremonies. This entry is based on fieldwork conducted between 2008 and 2014 in the Dindori and Mandla districts, Madhya Pradesh. (For works on the Pardhan, see Hivale, 1946; Elwin, 1947; 1949; Ahmad, 1972; Bose, 1977

, they actually went into the forest with small parties of Paliyar who chose to work for them. Forestry officers, too, periodically took Paliyar into the forest to perform necessary rituals and help them to extract valuable, government-regulated sandalwood. Paliyan social life warrants a few words. Three

. They form a very small minority. Everywhere, irrespective of the lifestyle, the household is the basic unit of social life. Situated at the western end of the Tibetan plateau and inhabited by people speaking a Tibetan language, Ladakh tends to be associated with its Buddhist inhabitants in the wider

threats. He thanks the lineage spirits (addressed as elders by the lineage name followed by their personal names) for teaching and guiding the community in this way of life. A little millet is then placed below the drawn symbol, and the shaman encourages the sacrificial chicken to peck at it. The chicken

groups, since they live in Madhya Pradesh. S. Fuchs (1968) distinguishes two groups – the Raj Korku or Deshi Korku landowners and the Pothria laborers (Parkin, 1992, 20). The Didayi, also called Gataq, are a small group living in Malkangiri and in some parts of Koraput districts; their original language

flexibility which has enabled the Ramdev cult to survive for five centuries among his traditional devotees (primarily untouchables), and also to grow in importance among the higher castes, successfully ad'<lpting with them to a new urban life. In a preliminary attempt to trace the roots and evolution of

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