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Author: Hanneke Reuling

interior woman will bear in pain. For in this way, woman is ‘Life’ and mother of the living. It is then demonstrated with the help of a number of proof texts that the Bible often refers to sin as ‘death’. If this is so, it is also probable that our animal self (animalis illa pars nostra), when it obeys

In: After Eden
Author: Tal Ilan

to show that folk sayings can say absurd things about mosquitoes that should not be taken literally. In other words, it is only after a second absurd folk saying that the rabbis of the Talmud are willing to cast doubt on their real-life veracity. The text ends with a typical rabbinic harmonizing

In: Parables in Changing Contexts

has noted in a separate article, account for one third of the 65 Quinn, The QJ1est qfSeth, p. 16. 66 Levison, Portraits, pp. 163, 167-68. 67 Dejonge and Tromp, Life, p. 45. 68 Dejonge and Tromp, Life, p. 47. 69 See B.l - Which Kind of Testament? 162 CHAPTER B.2 whole writing."?Taken with the opening

In: Dying Adam with his Multiethnic Family
Author: Marcus Tso

typical definition of ethics as “moral phi- losophy,” or “a consideration of the various kinds of questions that arise in thinking about how one ought to live one’s life,” see, e.g., the introductory remarks by Jack Glickman in Moral Philosophy: An Introduction (ed. J. Glickman; New York: St. Martin

In: The Significance of Sinai

the basis of that information the Lukan audience can be described with some accuracy. a further presupposition would seem to be that this description of the community’s life situation will pro- vide sharper insight into those very themes which have provided the basis of the description. in short

In: Contested Issues in Christian Origins and the New Testament

as opposed to Chist- ian background, for example through having been synagogue adher- ents . Earlier Discussions Earlier scholarship was virtually unanimous that the Greek Life was a Jewish writing . The main exception was Emil Schiirer who in a short article on the 'Books of Adam' wrote, "Although

In: Dying Adam with his Multiethnic Family
Author: J. Byron

living. But this is not a continuation of mere physical life. As Philo makes clear elsewhere, Cain represents a concept that wicked- ness is immortal yet at the same time undergoing a perpetual process of dying.20 This interpretation is found as part of Philo’s critique of those who sought to build

In: Cain and Abel in Text and Tradition
Author: Matthias Henze

left nothing at all except for the Mighty One and His Torah.”2 The author of 2 Baruch is a strong advocate of a Torah–centered Judaism, and the admonition to observe Torah is a constant theme in his book. “Your Torah is life, your wisdom is rectitude” (38:2), Baruch exclaims. Those who live by

In: The Significance of Sinai
Author: Hanneke Reuling

, because she was the mother of all living beings. (21) And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skin and clothed them.18 The Septuagint is a Greek translation of a pre-Masoretic Hebrew original. There are numerous differences between LXX and MT regarding a variety of aspects, such as a

In: After Eden

the past several decades, so that prioritizing virgin, virginity, and tokens of virginity in translations is no longer appropriate. Instead, as synecdoche for a stage of life, בתולה and בתולים refer to girls of marriageable age and to aspects of this stage. Through my exegetical work and research

In: Why Jephthah's Daughter Weeps