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want to incur the displea­ sure of the dead by mourning in an unsactioned manner. As the supernatural universe has a hierarchy of beings so also the living are in a hierarchy of progeniture. The eldest of the clan or family is the sustainer of life; he is the link between the ancestors and their

In: Christian Missions and Theological Training 1842-1970

in the sense of being unlimited by anything other than God, has as aspects of his plenitude, within his life, both the order and reason of the Divine Christ and the healing, sustaining, guiding and creating roles of the Holy Spirit. But God is not so much like a living organism as living

In: Changing Christian Paradigms and their Implications for Modern Thought

meaningfully appreciated as the entire process, the way of life that sustains, facilitates, induces, or accom- modates a sense of numinosity. For the vast majority of humanity throughout time, instruction in how to live a goodly life is the con- tent of religious education. Religion is the living of a

In: What is Religion?

beautiful." 2 In this process of creation, the Navajo concept of life is revealed as being closely tied to the notion of a form in human shape which stands within each living physical form. The Navajo refer to this inner form as bii'gistiin, "one who lies within it," or as bii'siziinii, "in-standing one

In: Songs of Life

enlightenment could be realized only by living a holy and ascetic life, as done by these seers, was seriously challenged by the Buddha when he rejected austere asceticism in his formulation of the Middle Way11 • But not only is a woman incapable of living the ascetic life because she has a female physique

In: Female Stereotypes in Religious Traditions

engaged in studying at a high level even a small and insignificant part of living nature, such as the water snail. But in the historical sciences it is equally striking how increased knowledge of all parts and all aspects of cultural history is reflected in the scientific disclosure of one certain

In: Cosmic and Meta-Cosmic Theology in Aristotle's Lost Dialogues

learned symbols and mental symbolic expressions, the individual strivings (in a general sense) can be given a more accurate description. By examining the way in which con- tents and emotions involved in mental representations function as motivating factors and meaning-giving forces behind the widespread

In: Apocalyptic Representations of Jerusalem

motivated by the beliefthat "when the state loosens its responsibility for the Swedish Church, it is the state's responsibility to offer those Swedes who are not Christian useful alternatives to the ceremonies related to the religious festivals throughout the year and special life events" (HOO: 16). The

In: The Human Image of God

a new, modem constitution, moulded on Western values. We also have a bill of rights to protect our freedoms and dignity. But there is one enormous problem which makes it impossible for most people in this country to achieve and enjoy a good life at this stage. The obstacle in the lives of most

In: The Human Image of God

enlightenment. Jains believe that all living beings – humans, animals, plants, and single-sensed beings – have a soul wor- thy of respect, and deserving of compassion. Consequently, ahimsa is the central and defining ethic of Jainism, which informs all aspects of the ideal Jain life. Jain dietary discourse is

In: South Asians in the Diaspora