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Author: Michael Birkel

notes “she found her vision of heaven on earth at Itto En, a Buddhist-Christian community in Japan dedicated to living in the Light and sharing their resources with little anxiety about failure and death. In her life work, she knew in herself a link between Quakerism and Buddhism, between the ‘inner

In: Quakers Reading Mystics
Author: Madeleine Ward

spiritual man, which joy, refreshment and pleasure, as the outward things affect the natural or animal senses of the natural man. And indeed these outward things are but figures of the inward and spiritual, which as far exceed and transcend them in life, glory, beauty and excellency, as a living body doth

In: The Christian Quaker: George Keith and the Keithian Controversy
Author: Rhiannon Grant

described. My personal location as a British Quaker who grew up surrounded by and using the forms of religious language described in this book, and who has needed to consider the theological conflicts involved for my own peace of mind as well as in my academic life, also informed my choice of subject. In

In: British Quakers and Religious Language
Author: Anna Gatmon

cycles of expansion, guidance and action in the world. The above is a simple exercise of counting our blessings, something we have all done many times in our life. It can become a practical and readily available process for creating intentional spiritual experiences in daily life, and for living a

In: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality

Part 4 Spirituality, God and the Developing Self Spiritual Development of a Personality as a Process of Spirit Creation Galyna P. Shevchenko Abstract Spirituality is about harmonising human life with nature, observing universal laws, and achieving greater self

In: Spirituality: New Reflections on Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy

exchanges and enterprises of human living,” to “be familiar with their national and religious traditions, gladly laying bare the seeds of the Word which lie hidden in them” (AG, 11). Whiteman gives an example here of a student of his, a Thai woman, who exclaimed in one of his courses: “Now that I have been

In: Essays in Contextual Theology

, but rather that life “throws” him onto the path of separation/alienation after being hit with a loss of the wholeness that formerly confirmed one’s sense of self.’36 Siddhartha Gotama37 realises that while living in a world that is seemingly perfect, the limitations of life are inevitable and

In: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality
Author: David Reed

moments than in the process of living more deeply in the life of Christ; “Pietism,” p. 178. 42 Charles G. Finney, Sermons on the Way to Salvation (Oberlin, OH: Edward J. Goodrich, 1891), pp. 323, 329. 2. A Pietist Legacy 19 this revivalist axiom well: “Gospel experience alone could convince of

In: "In Jesus' Name"

Saturday, first year. 23 According to Rahner, life and death are so closely related that death is more than a single fatal occurrence which puts an end to an individual’s life. At every moment, especially at moments of great despair, every living human being continually experiences death. Since Christ

In: The Apostles’ Creed ‘He Descended Into Hell’
Author: Ferdinand Röhr

The Way of Man to a Spiritual Life According to Martin Buber Ferdinand Röhr Abstract In the midst of today´s nihilistic and anthropocentric tendencies and set alongside institutionalized religions, which often involve radicalism, spirituality has emerged as an alternative way to conduct

In: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality