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A Memoir and Activities
What if, as psychologists and adult educators advocate, a person chose a life where his motivation for the work itself determined what he did? Living a Motivated Life: A Memoir and Activities follows the author through forty years, revealing how he selected vocational pursuits guided by his understanding of intrinsic motivation and transformative learning. As a compass for relevant decisions, these ideas gave energy and purpose to how he lived, and an instinct as sure as sight for the future.

Written with nuance, humor, and unpredictability, this story renders how he came to appreciate learning for the pleasure of learning. Facing similar challenges as those of today’s first generation college students, the memoir narrates his unexpected college enrollment, his friendship with an ancient history professor, and his triumphs and travails as teacher, psychologist, human relations specialist, psychotherapist, and adult educator.

This is the first memoir of someone who consciously chose to lead a professional life to experience flow on a daily basis. It is an important step in the integration and evolution of intrinsic motivation theory and transformative learning. But it reaches beyond this outcome, sharing how the author aspired to be better at what he valued and showing how he discovered and extended these ideas to others.

individual living standards (Løwe, 1998; Rye, 2000). A major factor which influences current transitions in and recruitment to the farming sector, is that farming has changed from being a desirable profession, to become a characteristic and less attractive life-style for young inheritors. Urbanization

In: Changing European farming systems for a better future

living in this society. The intolerant, on the other hand, deny all that. They claim a special place for their own values and way of life and claim the right to suppress those other ways of living in order to protect their society and ‘its’ values. Intolerance means a denial of ‘the other’s’ full

In: Identity, Belonging and Human Rights: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

This study examines how Melody, a Korean transnational girl in the US, participates in high school AP (Advanced Placement) biology class, engages in identity work, and learns science. Melody was a daughter of a gireogi family (a transnational family separated for educational purposes), living with her mother and brother in the US. The recent increase of transnational educational migration among Asian students and the importance of identity in understanding students’ learning and participation motivated this study. I define identity as a type of personhood and view that it is always performed and negotiated by individuals in their social lives. Drawing on ethnographic data collected in Melody’s AP Biology class, I will show Melody constructed identities as a non-participant, limited English-proficient student and incompetent biology learner. Her identity construction was influenced by the meso level contexts (e.g., school, classroom) and personal contexts (e.g., gireogi family contexts). Yet, Melody constantly negotiated with these contexts to re-figure her identities to be more conducive to her biology learning and to enhance her classroom participation. This study demonstrates how individual students in the US, while coming from a stereotypically successful ethnic group, experience their life contexts and explore possibilities for learning and being in different ways. Implications include how researchers and teachers should pay attention to individual differences and contexts in order to better facilitate their science learning and classroom participation. I will also provide implications for education in countries that send gireogi families and transnational students.

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I listen carefully to my deep emotions for self-control and inner peace. I feel safe, healthy, grateful, and happy, as I am living life in its full moon. I love myself and other human beings, and I am loving in my own way. I am a caring parent, brother, uncle, friend, cousin, sister, aunt

In: How It Feels to Be Black in the USA

Whereas Vygotsky’s ideas have widely taken root amongst people living and working in child development and school education, the emphasis in the content to follow is more on adult life, which is, after all, the chief determinant of the outcome of child development. Activity theorists are united

In: Activity Theory

.V. Coornhert’s seminal work, Ethics . This first line, taken from this inaugural English translation, captures well the intention of this work: to instruct in the language of the ‘ordinary’ Dutch citizen the meaning and mechanisms for living a good life. Ethics explores in didactic and reflexive forms the values and

In: Church History and Religious Culture

striking move given his history in the various denominational entities, and in a book that seeks to center Pentecostalism outside of the legacy of Azusa Street, which Parham condemned for its racial integration. In conclusion, Living in Bible Times offers a glimpse into the life of a charismatic

In: Pneuma

of life, the most probable choice of life plan will be that of a farmer. In that case, work is to earn a living or as a means for the end of life. The work of a farmer is a part of the life of the farmer, but the farmer may have no strong interest in his work. Or, we may say that the actions of

In: A Utilitarian General Theory of Value

continues to be involved only peripherally. A life of asceticism is distinguished by the exercise of renunciation in one's everyday life, and the subordination of all daily living to the dictates of that renunciation. Transitory restrictions, such as those customary in Muslim Ramadan, or in the Catholic

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