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wealth, independence, and modern quality of life. It is also on the level of the general strategic concept if towers are concentrated at only certain points of a wall without any defensive reasons. In the city wall of Akarnanian Torybaia, dated to the late fifth or early fourth century BCE , Judith Ley

In: New Directions and Paradigms for the Study of Greek Architecture

adjacent theatre as well as on the Salamis relief, but a different unit appears in the neighbouring building from the same century. Tanner also considers the function of these cult buildings, usually identified as naïskoi, and finds evidence for a wider range of potential uses. Part 2, “Life History of

In: New Directions and Paradigms for the Study of Greek Architecture

undermines the very important principle of authen- ticity and thereby the trust of the public (buyers and museum visitors) that an object of art is what it pretends to be. Not all forgers cheat for money alone: a 1  Archaeology (April 2003). 80 van Duyne et al. craving for recognition plays a motivating

In: Cultural Property Crime

manifestation of fear or happiness regardless of the events which motivate its expression. A street serving as the background to some quarrel or love affair may rush to the fore and produce an intoxicating effect,” he contends (1960, 303). What is intended to immerse viewers into the story can, paradoxically

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In: Politics and Cultures of Liberation