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Author: Huang Xuelei

to parents, and a double standard of chastity for men and women, and favored equality of individuals in society. It opposed the traditional big family (parents and married chil- dren living together as a family unit) and advocated the Western small family system, the equality and independence of

In: Shanghai Filmmaking
Author: Huang Xuelei

screening of his travel documentary, A Trip through China. His story resembles the typical narrative spun by contemporary western adventurers about their travels among the ‘other.’ It may be larger than life and clearly Orientalist, but the frightening effect of moving images on early film audiences was

In: Shanghai Filmmaking
Author: John R. Watt

survive but to develop highly motivated teams of health workers. there has been much political and military analysis by scholars on the Yan’an period. the war led to visits to Yan’an by a number of american journalists, military and diplomatic personnel, several of whom published accounts of their

In: Saving Lives in Wartime China
Author: Tony Saich

development of the small groups in Northern China. In his path-breaking work van de Ven (1991) concludes that the CCP would have come to life irrespective of Soviet involvement. The atmosphere did encourage radical intellectuals to look for alternatives such as those provided by a Bolshevik party. However

In: Finding Allies and Making Revolution
Author: Xiaonan Deng

members from three generations of that family served as generals. The life and career of Kang Yanze, Kang Fu’s son, after the founding of the Song Dynasty was quite interesting. Following the pacification of the Shu region, he was demoted for an offence and got sent to Tang Prefecture as a Training

In: The Ancestors' Instructions Must Not Change: Political Discourse and Practice in the Song Period
Author: Xiaonan Deng

was also a direct causative factor of the deep fissures among literati-officials in the late Northern Song Dynasty. When the court was a strong advocate for zero dissent and homogeny of views, the tendency for authoritarianism in intellectual and actual life inevitably ensued. 81 During the

In: The Ancestors' Instructions Must Not Change: Political Discourse and Practice in the Song Period
Author: Guannan Li

Movement, 1932–37 Abstract This paper, the first examination of the urban reconstruction of Nanchang, headquarters of the New Life Movement during a period of “National Revival” from 1932 – 37, presents a fresh understanding of the Guomindang (GMD) New Life Movement. By framing the Nanchang urban

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In: Frontiers of History in China
Author: Wei Li

rural doctors made a good living and began a desperate program of self-education. In the end, he miraculously became a doctor, thereby changing his fate forever. I learned Chinese medicine when I was still a zhiqing in the Daba Mountains. That experience convinced me that everyone has the ability to

In: Exiled Pilgrims
Author: Ryan P. Kellogg

availability of consumer goods to compete with the quality of life offered in the US when the cost of living is taken into account. These factors have effectively neutralized many of the economic reasons Chinese students had for remaining in the US. As a result, returning Chinese students are increasingly

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas
Author: Xiaomei Chen

the Cultural Revolution, when he was persecuted as a ringleader of the feudalist, bourgeois, and revisionist theater, generated interest in his life in the post-Maoist and post-socialist period, which brought about a few film, opera and theater productions of Tian’s own life in the context of

In: Modern China and the West