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condition, in this instance heart disease, is not necessarily a salient mode for determining significance. Consider the following: compare the loss of life due to cancer of a 5 year old child versus the heart attack death of an 89 year old man. The child has been deprived of approximately 80 years of

In: The Understanding, Prevention and Control of Human Cancer

of questioning. It is this philosophical attitude that, in the final instance, represents what life within the university should be. In post-Kantian philosophy, this idea of philosophy, and its connection to the overall task of the university and the guiding idea of Bildung, was to undergo a

In: The Humboldtian Tradition

impersonal, since every historian works out of a context and is affected by the conflicts and dilemmas that motivate historical research within that context. I should say something about my own philosophical and ethical interests here so that the reader can discern where they may impinge on the historical

In: Creational Theology and the History of Physical Science: The Creationist Tradition from Basil to Bohr

brooding hen.90 This was not the only time that Lansberg expressed his astronomical views through biological imag- ery. He also compared the diurnal rotation of the earth to the survival strategy of “a living being” that sought as much of “the Sun’s life-giving light” as possible.91 Additional examples

In: Kepler's Cosmological Synthesis

biblical state- ment that God had made each living creature “after his kind.”30 if, on the contrary, a glacial age destroyed all life on earth as agassiz suspected, modern species could not have been the descendants of the creatures that had lived before the ice age, but newly made creatures. these

In: Discovering the Ice Ages

express the fullest realization of who we are or strive to be, and how does he become who he is?’ Aristotle writes: And the same principle applies in regard to modes of life and choices of conduct: a man should be capable of engaging in business and war, but still more capable of living in peace and

In: The Humboldtian Tradition

opinion: he believed that it was an even more primi­ tive form of life. In a lecture to the Royal Academy in 1913, he argued that in the light of his discovery of a non-bacterial contagium the idea that the cell was the most fundamental building block of living nature had to be abandoned: The existence of

In: A History of Science in the Netherlands

present God’s order in its most perfect form to the believer, an order to be imitated by the human life in its social dimensions. It was a sign of “cosmic, informed piety”. 4 Astronomical clocks thus served as a religious teaching tool similar to other artistic adornments of the church. Such devices also

In: The Astronomical Clock of Strasbourg Cathedral

living in, and then continues Indeed, the great mass of people consider the investigation of geometry blasphemous and count ignorance of it a boast. They find it lawful to kill him whobelieves in its correctness.... The second comes from an earlier time in the same century as al-Sijzi, and we find al

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In: Tradition, Transmission, Transformation

Regiomon­ tanus in a book that became the source of the basic mathematical techniques for establishing the height of comets. Peter Apian and Gemma Frisius designed and constructed new instruments of this type, which were sometimes employed to make astrologically motivated observations of comets, but which

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In: Tradition, Transmission, Transformation