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9 Making a Medical Living: The Economics of Medical Practice in the Cape c.1860-19101 Anne Digby The economics of colonial medicine have been largely neglected. This chapter shall seek first to give an overview of the medical market in the Cape during the late nineteenth and early twentieth

In: The Cape Doctor in the Nineteenth Century

. He was born to a wealthy Swiss family living in Paris, ever his favourite city, in 1891. One of Sigerist's grandfathers had been a wine dealer, the other a goldsmith who had opened a small metal-plating factory. His father was a successful businessman, the founder and director of a shoe company

In: Doctors, Politics and Society: Historical Essays

physiologists, and presumably many other researchers in the life sciences, encountered in their trials on living, and especially human subjects: A methodologically “good” experiment required that the subjects and their bodies functioned in particu- lar ways, but neither the subjects nor their bodies were

In: The Uses of Humans in Experiment

a rival establishment that he called the Medical Hall at 171 Piccadilly, London. Maybe he was just knocking the opposition. 9 Early Life More serious was the sale of completely useless medicines given the label of a recognised preparation: quackery or fraud in serious cases. This was motivated

In: Operative Chymist

body of the Vanity of philosophizing [sic] in Physick. he has found out a better way of rendering m<Jlkind immortal, without knowledge of Mathematicks or Mechanism, only by Fasting and Prayer, by subsisting without Meat and Drink, and Living by Faith above the World on the Philosophical Principles

In: Medicine in the Enlightenment

PART I THE MEDICAL HOLISM OF PRIMITIVE PHYSIC 1 Introduction: Primitive Physic Explain’d in an Easy and Natural Method Without any concern about the obliging or disobliging any man living, a mean hand has made here some little attempt, towards a plain and easy way of curing most diseases. I have

In: 'A Cheap, Safe and Natural Medicine'

advent of galvanism and then within a decade, of the Voltaic pile, accelerated major changes that were already taking place in the medical and physical sciences. These events were transformative both because they had immense theoretical implications for understanding the basis of life and matter, but

In: The Uses of Humans in Experiment

Infection by Inoculation, has a much fairer Chance for his life, than he who takes it the Natural Way…22 Arbuthnot combined the language of political arithmetic with the language of individual risk. His figures supported inoculation first by revealing the advantages to the state (a larger population) and

In: The Road to Medical Statistics

Wesley the Christian life of devotio and provided guidance on inward holiness. After attending Charterhouse school, Wesley was elected scholar of Christ Church, Oxford, in 1720, graduating in 1724 before becoming a fellow of Lincoln College in 1726. His reading of patristic texts, combined with his

In: 'A Cheap, Safe and Natural Medicine'

sleeplessness to blushing, tooth decay and dyspepsia, all supposedly caused by the depletion of nervous energy due to the pressures of modem life.' Although there was no evident structural lesion in the nervous system, the pathology of the condition was considered to be entirely somatic: a depletion of

In: Cultures of Neurasthenia