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spaces of the countryside for crowded and hostile living quarters unfit for supporting a peaceful social life. Rather, perpetual warfare between rival gangs and power groups and the criminal outbursts of alienated individuals creates a counterculture of deviance where perverted lifestyles dance their

In: Crime Prevention in the Urban Community

example, consider that the stimulus to learn surrounds major change, and tends in its nature to be more reactive to situational settings within the life cycle. They found that life’s transitions, such as changes in careers or employment, are a significant motivating factor to start learning.28 Tough

In: Educating Judges: Towards Improving Justice

person; (b) deliberate imposition on a racial group of living conditions calculated to cause its physical destruction in whole or in part; (c) any legislative measures and other measures calculated to prevent a racial group from participating in the political, social, economic and cultural life of

In: International Criminal Law

politically motivated fugitives was a principle of international law. Further, by virtue of Article 29(3) of the Irish Consti- tution,42 which obliges Irish courts to recognize generally recognised principles of international law, the issue took on a constitutional significance as well. The result- ing

In: Responding to International Crime

politically motivated violence in a democratic society where legal provision is made for change, improvement and development by means of political persuasion", and concludes from this that "terrorism is an attack against the constitution and the democratic stability of the state. Amongst a number of requests

In: International Terrorism: Political and Legal Documents

. imposition of lethal living conditions. directly targeting non-combatants during a war or violent conflict. Understanding Conflict, and Strategies for Prevention V:1 272 2. Causing death by virtue of an intentionally or knowingly reckless and depraved disregard for life as in: deadly prison

In: Human Rights and Policing

judge is expected to behave impeccably, in and out of court, providing a living example of a just person. . Article  of the Code lays down that, in their extra-judicial activities, judges must exercise their freedom of expression and association in a manner 248 See rule .. 249 SeeCode of Judicial

In: The Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court

Ruzindana Trial Judgement, the Chamber said that the conditions of life contemplated would include "rape, the starving of a group of peo- ple, reducing required medical services below a minimum, and with holding sufficient living accommodation for a reasonable period, provided the above would lead to the

In: International Criminal Practice, 3rd Edition

, a resident alien, be deported on the grounds that he had been convicted of several crimes nearly twenty years previously and that the police had recently been informed that Venicoff had been living on the immoral earnings of his wife and another woman. Venicoff claimed that the latter charges

In: Cases and Materials on Terrorism

remedy, in cases of life or death or grave threats to the safety of the state or public health. Any proposal for a deal should be presented for approval to the Procurator-General (Modelbrief, 1983). Several of the interviewees confirmed that such deals were indeed made, and one Advocate General added

In: Undercover Police Surveillance in Comparative Perspective