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disabilities and their families. The responsible application of knowledge about the human genome and accordingly - the inherited DNA formulas - could contribute a great deal and enhance the lives of people with genetic disorders.3 Certain assumptions about what is motivating the quest for genetic knowledge and

In: Populations and Genetics

with PXE and their families. 1·4 The story of PXE International is a story of two determined parents with no scientific background who want to give their children the best poss ible life . Their commitment, strategic planning abil ities, organisational skills, and ability to understand the ambient

In: Populations and Genetics
Author: Jon F. Merz

defined as the risks of daily life, such as those involved in a medical or psychological examination,12(s.102(i» and are to be measured not by the risks faced by healthy individuals, but by potential subjects of the research." This definition may be criticized because it would permit higher risk research

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right to the return (or destruction) of tissue and information upon request. On the other hand, a similar law in Oregon motivated an anxious biotechnology industry to lobby heavily for repeal. In 2001, the property language was deleted. The bill that accomplished this change also called for the state

In: Populations and Genetics

An Empirical Survey on Biobanking of Human Genetic Material and Data in Six EU Countries A. Cambon-Thomsen', I. Hirtzlin ", N. Preaubert'", C. Dubreuil' , J. Duchier', B. Jansen", J. Simon" , P. Lobato de Faria", A. Perez- Lezaun" , B. Visser'", G. Williams'?", lC. Gallouxix and on behalf of the

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of the employer's business but rather the economic status of the worker. Ifhe was a 'skilled artisan earning his living by working for more than one employer as an employee', he would be a servant. If he was 'a small businessman venturing into business on his own account as an independent contractor

In: The Legal Liability of Hospitals

to provide, in cooperation with their concerned counterparts, different forms of social support for persons with mental sicknesses or retardation. Such services ought to develop skills for independent life, help to motivate families and organizations to offer assistance to those persons and grant

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: Aart Hendriks

in and outside France. 11 The decision was seen by opponents of wrongful life claims as an attack on human dignity. It was argued that the decision made a distinction between lives that merit living and those which don’t. These concerns were shared by French Parliament that amended the Loi relative

In: European Journal of Health Law

medicine. People are living longer and science has made it possible to keep patients alive who would otherwise be dead, by using life support measures. Other factors include the relevance of patients’ informed consent and a new understanding of patient self-determination, in which patients are allowed to

In: European Journal of Health Law

legally die with dignity. II. Living Worthily to Die with Dignity: Is it Possible? A. The Possibility of Living a Life Worthy of a Dignifijied Death Whoever I am, sadness is expected from me, but not this state of absence. Seeing me so lonely doesn’t tranquilize them, so away from me. In Africa, the

In: Self-Determination, Dignity and End-of-Life Care