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Protection Whenever the term of protection of a work, other than a photographic work or work of applied art, is calculated on a basis other than the life of a natural person, such term shall be no less than fifty years from the end of the calendar year of authorized publication, or, failing such

In: Basics of International Intellectual Property Law

Publishing 2005, 400 pp. 126 The tort of defamation protects not only an individual’s reputation, but protects the professional or business aspects of that individual’s life as well. See e.g. Tolley v. Fry [1931] AC 333, where a leading amateur golfer succeeded in a claim for defamation when he had been

In: Towards a European Unfair Competition Law

general connection of this with the use of technology of the improvement of quality of life as a result of a better way of implementing technical solutions to social issues (as the traffic in a city, mobility or the recycling, or the new flow of cars and parking slots in cities). At the end should be

In: Legal Challenges in the New Digital Age
Author: H.M. Haugen

Declaration did not refer to human rights explic- itly. There are some contributions, mostly from a human rights perspective, which have addressed the relationship between human rights protection and intellectual property rights, including the patenting of life forms.9 This chapter adresses specifically the

In: The Right to Food and the TRIPS Agreement
Author: Naci Akdemir

victimization experiences have a more substantial influence on online coping. This suggests that a negative experience may motivate individuals to implement problem-oriented coping strategies regardless of fear of crime. Concern, anxiety and anger are the feelings individuals experience in the aftermath of a

In: Legal Challenges in the New Digital Age
Author: David Lea

alert us to the inherent dangers when monetary benefits are introduced into a non-cash economy without sufficient specification of individual rights. Defining individual rights is essential both in motivating individuals to assume social responsibilities and also in controlling self interest in so far

In: Property Rights, Indigenous People and the Developing World
Author: David Lea

individual rights apply. One notes that many Pacific Island nations, in the decades since independence, have generally failed to experience hoped for gains in material welfare and economic development. A fairly recent United Nations Human Development Report named four Pacific Island countries in which living

In: Property Rights, Indigenous People and the Developing World

shown in chapter 2 , consumers accepted that packaged tea was more hygienic, appeared more sophisticated and lent more prestige than unbranded tea sold loosely. However, it was not the brand name or the design that motivated consumers to buy a particular tea. Consumers hesitated to trust the packages

In: African Agency in China’s Tea Trade

traders, who had in 1966 migrated from a village near Timbuktu to Bamako, where the head of the family opened a shop selling foodstuffs. They received us in the living room of their compound; from floor to ceiling it was decorated with carpets and cushions to sit on and the windows were darkened to keep

In: African Agency in China’s Tea Trade
Author: Patrick Blannin

Long War has been examined using multiple perspectives; however, one central mechanism is missing in current analyses: defence diplomacy. Defence diplo- macy enhances the diplomatic and security capacity of a state, providing the only link between executive office and the ministries of foreign

In: Defence Diplomacy in the Long War