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opportunities. Th ese rights are equal to 0.85% of the NASA utilisation resources (Art. 9(1b) MOU). Th is quota includes six fl ights for Italian astronauts as long staying crew members every fi ve years with a guaranteed mini- mum of three fl ights during the life of the programme.25 Th e ASI/NASA MOU is

In: The International Space Station

compel a third person or a governmental organization to do or to abstain from any act ... shall be punished by imprisonment by any term of years or for life. (b) (1) It is not an offense under this section if the conduct required for the offense occurred outside the United States unless- (A) the

In: Aviation Law: Cases, Laws, and Related Sources
Author: Peter Stubbe

instead an activity that is driven by humanitarian concerns , aiming to minimise the loss of life and destruction of property and the human livelihood that would result from a neo impact on Earth. 27 Nevertheless, there may be (standardised) space solutions offered by the private sector that could be

In: Legal Aspects of Planetary Defence

the useful life of satellites already in orbit. Some examples of the history of this activity will be addressed later. Another method proposed is the removal of space debris by using external systems 8 for space objects which were abandoned or malfunctioned and were unable to move out of a

In: The Geostationary Ring
Author: Werner Balogh

conduct of outer space activities and who should make them? Knowing that space applications – now that they had finally become a reality – had a vast potential to contribute to improving life here on Earth, how could it be guaranteed that everyone, including the people living in developing and non

In: Small Satellites
Chapter 6 Regulating and Enhancing Orderly Withdrawal from Multilateral Treaties
Author: Antonio Morelli

, to the Depositary and to the United Nations Security Council. Such instrument of withdrawal shall include a full explanation of the reasons motivating this withdrawal.” Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and their Destruction

In: Withdrawal from Multilateral Treaties

United States— (A) shall be imprisoned for at least 20 years; or (B)  notwithstanding section 3559 (b) of title 18, if the death of another individual results from the commission or attempt, shall be put to death or imprisoned for life. (2) There is jurisdiction over the offfense in paragraph (1) if

In: Aviation Law: Cases, Laws and Related Sources
Author: Peter Stubbe

the state’s obligation is justified by the existence of an extreme situation in which a lawful behavior could not reasonably be demanded from the state. In the case of distress, such a situation is given when there is a threat to human life, and in the case of necessity, when the non-compliant conduct

In: State Accountability for Space Debris
Author: Diego Zannoni

arbitrariness, referred to the deprivation of life under Article 6 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, was determined in a situation of armed conflict by reference to other applicable legal obligations, namely the applicable international humanitarian law principles. 50 As a

In: Disaster Management and International Space Law