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visit, the Hungarian authorities considered that the handling of prisoners who were deprived of any hope of release was a challenge for the prison authorities since, despite all the efforts made, the inmates concerned might come to believe that life was not worth living and might thus decide to harm

-lawyer conversations at police establishments may only be restricted if it is duly motivated in a specific case), the Parliament was now consider- ing amendments to the CCP which would ensure that persons detained by the police have in all cases the right to talk to a lawyer in private. If adopted, this amendment

inspection of persons must be based on neces- sity both in freedom and at detention houses. The living environment of deten- tion facilities does not require a specific inspection of the health of detained persons. It also has to be taken into account that detainees are under constant monitoring at

Ukraine) the CPT examined the treatment, regime and security measures ap- plied to life sentenced prisoners and inmates held in high-security units. Par- ticular attention was paid to the treatment of persons detained under aliens leg- islation in a number of other countries (including Austria, Cyprus

would lead to a threat of life or health, (ii) any injuries are visible on the detainee’s body or (iii) the detainee demands medical examination. At this point, it should be emphasised that in all cases, the Police is absolutely obliged to transport the detainee to the nearest centre offering

waste, and more particularly defecate, in a bucket or other receptacle in a confined space used as a shared living area, is degrading, both for the inmate concerned and for all other persons occupying the cell. The Committee considers that a toilet facility should be located in cel- lular

, whereas there appeared to be a change for the better in the attitude of prison staff towards inmates sentenced to life impris- onment, conditions of detention of the general prison population continued to be a matter of grave concern. As regards psychiatric establishments, the CPT noted that shutters

the Government of Bulgaria 585 2. Prison establishments 622 a. preliminary remarks 622 b. ill-treatment 625 c. conditions of detention 630 i. Plovdiv Prison 630 ii. Varna Prison 634 iii. life-sentenced prisoners 637 d. health-care services 640 i. health-care services in Plovdiv and Varna Prisons 640


India, Civil Original Jurisdiction, Writ Petition (Civil) No.196 of 2001 the court held a failure to implement a food scheme even while there were ample food stocks was consid- ered a violation of the right to life. Similarly in Inter-American Court of human Rights, Sawhoyamaxa Indigenous Community v

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penitentiary facilities are the overpopulation and the material and living conditions faced by sentenced persons or persons detained in a certain procedural capacity who are accommodated there. By the adoption of the Execution of Penalties and Detention in Custody Act a legal framework was set up for