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alive; to bring back to consciousness, to revive. ujjnaː n. life,—bijjnaː life, living. ujʰuɽʔuː a. destructive, wasteful. ujʰɽaːrʔ- vi to be ruined, to be devastated. H. ujaṛnā ujʰɽʔ-(naː) vt. (G) to destroy, to lay waste. H. ujāṛnā uʈurni n. (G) the south. uʈurʔ- [uʈʈras] vi. (G) of uʈʔ-. to

In: The Kurux Language
Author: Gail Coelho

‘The two of them living like that, many days had passed. She had stayed there itself, in her father-in-law’s house itself.’ At other times, intonational contours may be used to divide a clause into smaller discourse utterances, but without an accompanying pause or vowel retention to

In: Annotated Texts in Beṭṭa Kurumba