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Author: Ward Vloeberghs

parcel and, on the border of the souq, a stone building with two storeys. While the upper floor served for living and as a reception room on the ground floor the ṭarīqa organised its five daily prayers as well as dhikrs. Little more is known about this place of worship related to “Abu Nasr,” except

In: Architecture, Power and Religion in Lebanon
Author: M. Toksöz

a unit of local government (her köy bir belediye dairesidir).84 In the absence of state funds or additional taxes, municipal councils resorted to local wealth, facilitating private enterprises. Such local resourcing, in my mind, motivated and facilitated the establishment of the office of the

In: Nomads, Migrants and Cotton in the Eastern Mediterranean

aware that a battered woman loses the joy of living, the pressure on the ground of honour ignores that the woman has a personality and self-esteem ( Arslan, 2014 : 19). Family is the “life sphere” (Çekin, 2006 : 27), the sphere of responsibility. The Prophet Muhammed, in his last khutbah, appeals

In: Gender and Biopolitics

of the life spheres of womanhood in post-2002 Turkey, I have shown that instead of defending the society in line with the truth of the power regime in post-2002 Turkey, there is however a need to defend the life of the woman , and to re-problematise the government’s issues with woman and womanhood

In: Gender and Biopolitics

justice as a governmental technology, but indeed freedom without obstacles and even without intermediaries to reach resources and rights. Otherwise, if justice is defined as the equal distribution of rights, benefits, and the responsibilities to life and living together, this equality denotes the

In: Gender and Biopolitics

adultery, which is the root of all evil in society (Khutbah, 10 July 2009). Obviously, it is believed that the body belongs to God and living out of what God confirms is out of the question even though Islamist feminists reject the Islamic demand of a community-based life because of subjective

In: Gender and Biopolitics

responsibility and self-entrepreneurship, which depoliticises governmental interventions and the fact of violence ( Nadesan, 2008 ; Oksala, 2010 , 2011 ). Therefore, this book suggests analysing womanhood through life spheres as a governmental field because government is able to produce transformative and

In: Gender and Biopolitics

through the constitutions of law and through the policing of populations. Sovereignty is demonstrated through delineation of exceptions to the rule of law and by the capacity to deny conditions necessary for life. nadesan , 2008 : 35 Violence can be conceptually characterised as a disciplinary and

In: Gender and Biopolitics
Author: Ahmet Şeyhun

those you worship came together they could not create a fly.” We must always remember that, in the cosmos, even the most powerful government or mighty ruler would not appear even as the smallest organism, a microbe, and would be less significant than a cell. In his short life, man cannot enjoy this

In: Islamist Thinkers in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic
Author: Hani Hamza

motivated by internal politics than expressive of a genuine desire for territorial gains. The surplus of the vast resources of the sultanate therefore was not wasted on foreign campaigns but rather was put to alternative uses, such as the devel- opment of the country; for the purchase of young Mamlūks

In: Material Evidence and Narrative Sources