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, living standards—poverty, infant mortality, life expectancy and adult literacy rates, social indicators, and average incomes—have improved dramatically since 1980; gender disparities remain.) 5 IMF Statistics Department, Foreign Direct Investment Trends and Statistics, Board of Directors Paper, (Oct

In: New Directions in International Economic Law

to raising the general standard ofliving of its people. Special procedures are laid down in Sections C and D of this Article to deal with those cases. 4. (a) Consequently, a contracting party, the economy of which can only support low standards of living* and is in the early stages of

In: Basics of the International System of Customs and Tariffs
Author: T.A. O’Keefe

Italian lactate multinational Parmalat entered the Argentine market in 1992 and eventually grew to have three production units in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Rio Negro. Parmalat exports long-life and powdered milk from Argentina to Brazil as well as milk-based desserts to Uruguay. Parmalat also has a

In: Latin American and Caribbean Trade Agreements
Author: Beverly M. Carl

Aimee: The Life Of Aimee Semple Mcpherson (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993), p.394. 21 As quoted in, A. Achakulwisut, V. Chinvarakorn & A. Bhatiasevi, "The High Cost of Free Trade," Bangkok Post (Feb. 12,2000), p. 1,2000 WL 4681918 (page refer- ences not avail.) [hereafter cited as "High Cost"J. 22

In: Trade and the Developing World in the 21st Century
Author: Beverly M. Carl

.g., quotas and import licenses. 248 Nonetheless, each member may impose certain limited border restrictions, such as those required to protect human, animal or plant life or health, or the environment. Nations frequently waive or remit duties if a company satisfies cer- tain performance requirements, for

In: Trade and the Developing World in the 21st Century
Author: C. Voigt

Regulation of Market-Based Environmental Instruments (The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 2004). 38 Sustainable Development as a Principle of International Law providing cost-effective and flexible means of implementation.11 At the same time, economically and developmentally motivated agreements

In: Sustainable Development as a Principle of International Law

Digest of decisions and principles of the Committee . In its conclusions, the Committee presents an abundance of considerations that underline that even if the government had provided a substantiated and motivated defence, it would have been unlikely to pass a test that has been firmly established by the

In: International Labor Rights Case Law

employer might call its discriminatory practice, how others might label it, or what else might motivate it. In Manhart , the employer called its rule requiring women to pay more into the pension fund alife expectancy” adjustment necessary to achieve sex equality. In Phillips , the employer could have

In: International Labor Rights Case Law
Author: C. Chatterjee

to motivate a party to bring an allegation of bias against him/her. Whereas “actual bias” may be proved by referring to the actual “words” used or by corroborative evidence or because of conduct, or perhaps even by referring to the words used in documents, bias based on suspicion may not be

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
Author: Oisin Suttle

that motivate much of the global justice debate; domestic institutions cannot be left out of the story. III Linarelli’s emphasis on development provides a useful bridge to the second volume under review, Poverty and the International Economic Legal System: Duties to the World’s Poor , edited by

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade