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Author: Cai Fang

urban and rural factors markets, thereby giving agricultural and rural areas unequal access to resources and ensuring a higher stan- dard of living for urban residents.2 China’s own planned economy was no exception to these trends. China’s long-standing divide between urban and rural areas is the

In: Transforming the Chinese Economy

and resources for productive and individual (personal) consumption follows the market rule by operating basically through the price-wage system. As a theoretical category MS arose in the inter-war period but had a new lease of life after the Second World War. This was accentuated within a section of

In: Socialism and Commodity Production: Essay in Marx Revival

capitalist accumulation both deskills labour and generates a sizable reserve army,wemust also recognise that actively employed workers who are attempting to protect (and improve) their standard of living 19 Bryan Palmer (2014) makes a similar set of points regarding the historical processes of working class

In: Persistent Inequalities
Author: Darko Suvin

© koninklijke brill nv, leiden, 2016 | doi: 10.1163/9789004325210_015 chapter 13 In Civic Life: Dis/Alienation and Oligarchy Monolithism Hence arises a possible conflict between what is and what ought to be … hegel, 1820 ∵ 13.0 Introduction I proposed in Chapter 10.2.1 that productivism was the

In: Splendour, Misery, and Possibilities

’ way of life and bring about complete freedom of labor and private property, which would pro- vide them with a good living and a “well-organized society.”168 The plan also set the redemption payments at a moderate level so they could be quickly paid off and suggested that the nobles use the money

In: Imagining Russian Regions
Author: Darko Suvin

(productive and cultural) build-up benefiting a large majority. This Conclusion discusses such key achievements but looks backward from the later decay and crash, and thus cannot give these important life enhancements their due prominence. However, in a fair balance, especially today when capitalism is

In: Splendour, Misery, and Possibilities

motivated by a Smithian belief in the need to move the provinces and empire from feudalism to the next stage of a com- mercial or civil society marked by a flourishing economy and greater civility. Those who hoped to see a Smithian civil society in Russia argued that the spread of associations, an

In: Imagining Russian Regions