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associated with inclusive education— that it is a program or a particular classroom in a school or that it is an instructional accommodation. The essential supposition, however, is that inclusion is a way of life—a way of working, studying, and living together— that is based on a genuine belief that each

In: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Teaching Like Our Students’ Lives Matter
Author: Karen A. Cerulo

; Wellman 2004; West, Lewis, and Currie 2009). Further, ICT have also become a central tool in coping with life’s most serious problems. About one-half of Ameri- cans say that the Internet played a central role in helping them cope with a family member’s major illness or their own medical problems

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology

do it at either a personally satisfying or a deeper fulfilling level (Stebbins 2007, 4–5). An “activity” is a type of pursuit, wherein participants in it mentally or physically (often both) think or do something, motivated by the hope of achieving a desired end. Life is filled with activities

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology
Author: Robert Heiner

, sociologists have, sometimes ingeniously and almost always inadequately, sought to define social problems in such a way as to control or minimize the prob- lem of bias. The Harper Collins Dictionary of Soci- ology for example, defines social problems as “aspects of social life seen to warrant concern and

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology

Indian prostitute whom Thomas and Lena meet on the street, changes the latter’s appearance. Instead of her usual blue jeans, Lena puts on a sexy dress and lets Clarisse make up her face for the first time in her life. By doing this, she is indirectly compared to her aunt, who has been living in the

In: Readings of the Particular
Authors: Victor Nee and Michael Siemon

and economic development. Where did political institutions enabling and motivating the acquisition of power and prosper- ity in the developed economies come from? The rise of liberal democratic governments in western Europe is a story that cannot be detached from an earlier narrative involving a

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology

power of religion on a world scale. the sociology of religion 155 most elementary forms of religious behavior were motivated by rational factors that should not be set apart from the range of daily, purposive activi- ties (Weber 1964). Weber’s best known work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology

-improvement and hard work, they also claim that the self-discipline learnt from being sexually abstinent brings success in every area of life: in studies and work, health and marriage. Contemporary pro-abstinence discourses play an important role in the promotion of a conservative vision of welfare, which in

In: "Raising Sexually Pure Kids"

Life and Work organised a consultation on "The Church and the State Today" in Paris as a response to the rise of authoritarian states - especially in the Soviet Union and Germany.3 Because of the fast deterioration of the situation in Germany, Life and Work decided (a few months later) to organize

In: Charting Churches in a Changing Europe
Author: David P. Baker

educational are profoundly differ- ent and culturally immutable across nations, little is to be gained from comparative study other than a kind of esoteric humanism. Sociol- ogy and sociologists had little to do with this endeavor. This earlier approach began to shift by mid- century. Motivated by the dual

In: Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology