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Author: Monika Müller

The New York Trilogy, Auster pointed to the difficulties inherent in such a lifestyle by calling it "a passionate excess": "[i]n Ghosts, the spirit of Thoreau is dominant - another kind of passionate excess. The idea of living a solitary life, of living with a kind of monastic intensity - and all

In: Subverting Masculinity

feather boas is necessarily undercut by the omission of any economic dimension. Throughout the entire movie, the characters' everyday work life drops completely from our field of vision. The spectators never learn how the three drag queens or most of the townswomen make a living. Rather, they come to

In: Subverting Masculinity
Author: Rainer Emig

clearly distinct from sexual identity; a sense of being a boy or a girl is not directly linked to a sense of being heterosexual, homosexual, sado- masochistic or paedophiliac, which usually comes later. Nevertheless, given the centrality of gender identity as an organizing feature of social life it is

In: Subverting Masculinity
Author: Peter Middleton

basis of brief narrative episodes and emotional cruxes, usually end on a rising note of insight even if the concluding affect is downbeat (an effect which can reinforce the impression of sincerity). Like many dedicated poets, he was earning his living by teaching creative writing, although in his

In: Subverting Masculinity
Author: Stefan Brandt

nature and the divine will - from the inside of her body. The woman's body is seen as a receptacle for reproduction here, since the stones are not only needed to save Leeloo's life but also to guarantee the continued existence of the human race. The other Gestalt of motherhood appears in form of the

In: Subverting Masculinity
Author: Russell West

particular of masculinity, in the film possesses a crucial role in the formation of public consciousness and collective experiences of social life. This assumption in tum obliges one to ask the question of which forms of community the representation of gender in film may contribute to mOUlding. In

In: Subverting Masculinity

is a level of a more or less disabled existence where harm was inflicted either preconceptionally (preconception harm lawsuits) or prenatally (prenatal harm lawsuits) but where a disability in question does not make the claimant's life not worth living. Third, there is a level of an existence

In: Re/Presenting Gender and Love
Author: Paul Gilbert

brings. Republicanism then sets out an agenda whereby that group can lead a good life together, namely by forming and sustaining a political community in which people are motivated by pursuit of the common good to act justly towards each other. Allegiance essentially consists in having this motivation

In: Image into Identity

both Hindus and Muslims – in contempo- rary India. As we have seen in my discussion of A Matter of Time, one of the manifold determinants of Gopal’s withdrawal from life is the angry and violent reaction of his students to Gopal’s attribution of erotic poems to a revered Hindu “saint-poet”: To

In: The Ring of Recollection
Author: Brooke Lenz

Maggot are less richly provocative than The Magus and The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Fowles’ most popular and acclaimed novels. Feminist readers in particular also may have overlooked Fowles’ later work because of his often domineering treatment of the women in his own life. A fierce individualist

In: John Fowles