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France for much of his life - and his wife Odile Tobner published an important bi-monthly radical, social and political magazine entitled Peuples Noires - Peuples Africains. In addition to papers of a political and militant nature it contained frequent scholarly contributions on African writing, articles

In: The African Studies Companion

rights, overall experience of life (are the EU indicators). The nine indicators resulted in IWI values within 50–60 scores. A similar study by Xue (2018) had seven well-being indicators adopted from EU. These were: standard of living, health, life achievements, personal relationship, personal safety

In: The African Review

governments' policies, adjustment policies are seen to have contributed to a (short-term) decline in urban employment and living conditions. From an analysis of demographic changes, urbanisation studies thus link macro and micro levels, as well as rural and urban sectors and their social settings into a

In: Mobile Africa

localized social networks. It makes sense that people living in highly transient circumstances would strive for a sense of locality and belonging. Research that focuses too closely on the transience of street life risks failing to recognize how desperate most of those living on the streets are to develop

In: Crisis and Creativity

marking ‘difference’. This is the objectification of the lived experience to a constant ahistoricism. The colonisation of the living Bushman subject/object by corporate concerns explains the desire to project backward the innocence lost in modern life. On Difference and Otherness During our short stay

In: Cultural Tourism and Identity

’s ability to maintain control in stressful situations because of experience, intellect, and technical com- petence. Thanks to a leader’s positive influence, group members feel more confident in their operation. If the group has a leader who motivates them and effectively guides them through the process

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Madagascar and the small number of French private citizens who were already living on the island, most of them dirt-poor Creoles from the island of Reunion. In March 1896 there was a wave of attacks on administrative posts of the Merina royal government in several parts of the central highland region

In: Rethinking Resistance

studies. In a letter describing his life,8 he remembers how he suffered because his host’s sister refused to cook for him and the other students living there. They only had one meal a day and Ousmane once did not eat for 48 hours. He even confessed to having stolen money in 1947 from the taxes of one

In: Strength beyond Structure

Care and Support of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Zambia.” pdf. Family Care Foundation. 2012. “A Second Life for Jerida.” second-life-for-jerida. Footballers for Life. n.d. “Welcome to Footballers for Life.” http

In: Africa Review

regeneration: destroy one house and build another; destroy one self and another will grow. It is not life that inhabits the house of history, but death. The scene of a bomb-blasted tenement building, a woman within its gutted nest making a bed, is not an affirmation of the regenerative power of the living

In: Predicaments of Culture in South Africa