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raised this possibility on the basis of a suggestion by a member of the Seruya family still living in Gibraltar, who said that an ancestor served as Moroccan consul or agent in Gibraltar. The Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edn. (hereafter EJ2), suggests that some members of the family left Morocco during

In: Crossing The Strait
Author: Ramona Mielusel

she belongs. As a graduate of the faculty of letters, she was concerned with the images that the popular media created of her birthplace and her community. Therefore, she felt motivated to become the voice of her ethnic community and express its concerns as well as the daily life challenges facing its

In: Franco-Maghrebi Artists of the 2000s

been motivated by a desire to sow dissention within the Ayyubid family or to remind Saladin of his obligations, finding success through neither. 11 By the spring of 1174, the political landscape had, in some ways, devolved into a familiar tripartite situation. For the Franks, little had changed

In: Contest for Egypt: The Collapse of the Fatimid Caliphate, the Ebb of Crusader Influence, and the Rise of Saladin
Author: Joseph Drory

the banners had been rightly ordered, he testified, because “[my men] were afraid that [the Oirats] would kill the sultan and put another [that is, a former sultan, Kitbughā, the benefactor of the Oirats, living in exile in distant Ṣarkhad] in his place.” Moreover, he continued, Salār and Baybars

In: Egypt and Syria under Mamluk Rule

.w-msi҆-sw Mri҆.y-I҆mn.w ḳn m ꜥnḫ Etymology ( I ): The toponym is a genitive construction between a royal personal name, with an epithet ḳn m ꜥnḫ ‘brave in life’, and the hydrographic term ẖnm.t ‘well’. Location ( I ): Given the inscription at Umm

In: Toponymy on the Periphery

Franks in 1163, as part of his shift to a more religious way of life. Likewise, as Nur al-Din gained suzerainty over various cities in the Jazira, culminating with Mosul, he did away with these taxes as part of a broader effort to eliminate certain corrupt practices, while also gathering support from his

In: Contest for Egypt: The Collapse of the Fatimid Caliphate, the Ebb of Crusader Influence, and the Rise of Saladin

determining an emigration motif. This is especially true for Cor 4, 100, which can be read as not only encouraging mobility, but mobilization as well. 46 However, a significant number of the verses mentioning emigration are primarily preoccupied with the circumstances motivating or necessitating the

In: Studia Islamica
Author: Nabil Matar

every one, whether Christian, or Jew, who worships God, and leads a good Life, will certainly be blessed by God”.6 Muslims, he added, gloried “that whereas all other Nations oppress their Subjects on account of religious Differences, they allow of an universal Toleration”.7 It was not a glory of

In: British Captives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 1563-1760
Author: Ian Campbell

-confidence to believe that meaningful change can happen if they work hard enough. 37 insofar as the “average Moroccan” of 1968 could read a novel written in modern standard arabic. labyrinthine narratives and peripheral intellectuals 229 be solely motivated by living in the best of circumstances. he’s still

In: Labyrinths, Intellectuals and the Revolution

purse to buy your next meal, you will have to seek the help of your friends. You will begin to realize that if you have friends, money becomes less and less necessary. By creating a life in common with others, you are able to weather the precariousness of urban living. After the period of violence, five

In: Protests and Generations: Legacies and Emergences in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean