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partially motivated by its potential applications in physics and especially life sciences (a letter from G. Cantor to M. G. Mittag-Leffler, 22 September 1884) (see Ferreirós 2004). Gödel hoped very much that the emergence of some new mathematical intuitions would finally lead to new axioms, making Cantor

In: Philosophical Approaches to the Foundations of Logic and Mathematics

person to judge in a certain way, such a judgment is unmotivated. Religious faith also belongs among judgments of this kind. “Also in these cases,” Brentano explains, “the judgment is not motivated as judgment, but rather only perhaps as an action (insofar as one calls an action motivated which arises

In: Concept and Judgment in Brentano's Logic Lectures

syllogisms. The syllogistic logic can thus be viewed as a corollary, so to speak, of the theory of judgment (a point we shall discuss later). Chapter One: The Psychological Features of the Inferential Process § 2    By inference in the broadest sense one understands a motivated

In: Concept and Judgment in Brentano's Logic Lectures
Author: Anna Brożek

unexplainable. James popularized philosophy and Peirce wanted to introduce such sophisticated terminology that would discomfit incompetent people. Peirce wanted to introduce a kind of experiential method to philosophy, James wanted it to become close to life. […] Peirce [was convinced] that pragmatism as

In: At the Sources of the Twentieth-Century Analytical Movement
Author: John Bayer

living a good life is built upon obedience, and neglect of obedience destroys it. Therefore show your abbot obedience in all things, not merely in deeds but also in intention, and maintain peace and unity among yourselves through mutual love. You will be able to foster and maintain this love if each one

In: The Unity of the Proslogion

, linguistically motivated disambiguation e.g. anaphor resolution. (Bottom up) Free enrichment : The sentence She took out the key and opened the door would generally be interpreted in a way such that the key that was taken out was the key used to open the door. Usually, free enrichment corresponds to the

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In: Enthymemes and Topoi in Dialogue
Author: John Bayer

between life and theology by elucidating some spiritual dimensions in the treatises he composed as a monk at Bec. I focus especially on the De grammatico and the Monologion . I will not discuss in detail his “three treatises” on Scripture, namely, De veritate, De libertate arbitrii and De casu

In: The Unity of the Proslogion
Author: Irene Binini

. 38 Moreover, differently from simple possibilities, determinate potencies do not omnitemporally belong to their subjects: even if a human being has the ability to fight easily at a certain time of life, this does not necessarily mean that he or she has this potency at every time in which he

In: Possibility and Necessity in the Time of Peter Abelard

concerning these matters. Thus, the question arises: what could have motivated Nifo to deal with the mean degree theorem and related matters in a Metaphysics commentary? And, above all: what is the historical background that makes Nifo’s approach comprehensible? Trying to take an attentive look at

In: Quantifying Aristotle