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overwhelmingly in the legal context of the Torah (for detailed studies see Houten 1999; Ramírez Kidd 1999). We can note that it has two primary referents: a) an Israelite living among foreigners, by which image the time in Egypt is remembered or b) a non-Israelite living among the sons of Israel. Considering

In: Family and Identity in the Book of Judges

subservience to authority. Ideological circumcision and ideological uncircumcision both keep peo- ple in a state where they are vulnerable prey for demagogues and rogues. They march in step with each other, like a prisoner falling in step with his guard. What is motivating these people towards rejecting

In: Three Mountains to Freedom
Author: Trevor Grizzle

being an individualistic and pri- vate matter, however, it is lived out in the community of faith and the harmony of the community as a primary goal. Christian ethics is not principally 'an individualistic ... brand of personal holiness'. On the contrary, it concerns living the Spirit-filled life 'in

In: Ephesians
Author: Gordon D. Fee

flesh to “eat and devour one another” (v. 15). If a distinction is to be made at all, it would be between those who are in fact already living by the imperatives in vv. 16, 18, 22-23, and 25, as over against those who are responsible for the works of the flesh that are disrupting the life of the

In: Galatians

? Is complaint against God ever le- gitimate? How does complaint differ from lament? What is God’s re- sponse to those who complain? How can a believer maintain a faithful life in prolonged times of waiting, even when it seems that God has forgotten his promises? And finally, is the church being

In: The Book of the Twelve

:59 makes Moses the son of Jochebed, who is married to her own tather Levi. 37 Women, p. 19. 38 F. J. H. Letters, The Life and Work of Sophocles (New York: Sheed & Ward 1953), 224, quoting Oe Quincey. 39 Athenaeus 10.4568 (44~59 is a treasury of riddles) and other sources quoted by Frazer on

In: Biblische Zeitschrift

way of life was fundamentally questioned in the context of the reform instigated by Antiochus. For Judaism to relatable to the surrounding world and fit Hellenistic customs, certain changes were necessary. A distinguished openness to the outside was especially necessary for the worldwide acceptance of

In: Biblische Zeitschrift

) In a complementary thought, the second offense highlights how cheaply human life was being treated. ‘A pair of sandals’ could refer to the paltry value assigned to the poor, the meager price of bribes taken by corrupt judges, or the trivial amount of debt for which the poor were being sold into

In: The Book of the Twelve
Author: L. L. Welborn

historical. First, it is clear that doubts about Paul's narrative and its implications are motivated by a desire to defend the historicity of Acts13• In the parallel account of Acts 9,23-25, there is no mention of the ethnarch of Aretas, or of the watch he kept over Damascus, or of his attempt to arrest

In: Biblische Zeitschrift
Author: R. Jerome Boone

realignment or new direction in life should already be evident from the personal reflection. Make a commitment to God to live faithful to that insight. As you determine God’s will for your life, ask forgiveness for past wrongs and seek God’s empowerment for godly living. Write out what you plan to do as a

In: The Book of the Twelve