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Author: Carol Johnson

mind. So long as the practice of literature in England by original and independent outsiders remains as embarrassing as vice, and the endorsement of mediocrity a motivating factor of cultural life, Basil Bunting may continue with every reason for tranquility of mind to ply the poetics of disregard

In: The Disappearance of Literature

Williams continues Imagism, since the image invoked in Pound’s famous manifesto was already always framed in inverted commas. Material Difference 160 limiting factor than a positive resource that the poet draws upon through imaginative encounters with living beings. To the degree that the

In: Material Difference
Author: Hidenaga Arai

resisted relied for support on the very thing it invested, that is, on life and man as a living being .... what was demanded and what served as an objective was life, understood as the basic needs, man’s concrete essence, the realization of his potential, a plenitude of the possible. Whether or not it

In: Literature along the Lines of Flight
Author: Faye Hammill

reveal how much of the housework she did herself, and how little time was left over for writing. 30 Before the death of her grandfather, she did spend five years living away from home, studying, teaching, and working in a newspaper office, but this was the only time in her life when she attempted to

In: Literary Culture and Female Authorship in Canada 1760-2000

young boy, however, is identified with a perpetual state of motion – he is shown as if torn from the tree of life that the acrobats constitute as living bodies. The metaphor of the tree develops the concept of fluidity as a movement that compares to the flow of water as well as seasonal rotations

In: Material Difference

even today in terms of a double reading to the degree that a single set of practices might be interpreted in two ways. The presence of Eurocentrism and Orientalism do not always reveal the cultural biases of the author. On the contrary, these tendencies may be present as motivating factors in an

In: Material Difference
Author: Hidenaga Arai

trust a purely unscientific fact: namely, that every living creature has an individual soul, however trivial or rudimentary, which connects it individually with the source of all life, as man, in the religious terminology, is connected with God, and inseparable from God. So is every creature, even

In: Literature along the Lines of Flight

language informs the genealogical turn that occurs in his later writings. While Derrida and Adorno appropriate Nietzsche in different ways, they are perhaps equally motivated to assign a major role to change, either as structural dispersal or as historical variation, in approaching the basic questions

In: Material Difference

CHAPTER 10 STEVENS AND THE CLAIMS OF LYRIC: ALLEGORY AND POETIC LIFE Wallace Stevens is a Modernist poet whose work dramatizes a crisis in aesthetics that allows him to develop a new concept and practice of lyric poetry. In advancing these claims, we distance ourselves

In: Material Difference

didacticism and a baroque aesthetic are all mingled with with realist traits. Its styles and means of expression are deter- mined by the poem’s subject matter (the life of the peasantry), the 3 The jurisdiction of the Tolminkiemis (or Tollmingkehmen) parish cove- red some 30 villages and 3,000 inhabitants

In: The Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship