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Author: Kapka Kassabova

, concluding that, unlike many migrants, she takes a strange kind of comfort from not being tied to a single location. Being displaced, she says, serves as a motivating factor in her creativity. She explains that she uses Bulgarian and English for different purposes and in different aspects of her life

In: Creativity in Exile

, France no longer tolerated Protestants on its soil. What Roxana vividly remembers from these early scenes of her English life, a life as a foreigner still, is how her father complained of being pestered for help by poorer and later arrivals: a great-many of those, who, for any Religion they had

In: Creativity in Exile

literature. Though the impetus to the novel had been the literary remains of the life, work and death of her close friend Christa Tabbert who died of leukemia in 1963, the novel was ultimately about Christa Wolf’s own inner self in a political environment that did not allow for such inner freedom of

In: The Time before Death

life depending on duplicity; politicians do not really have any firm creed and act in conformity with social convention, motivated as they are by selfish drives. In the sensation novel Gissing finds a genre which is congenial to his representation of the threat of chaos and disorder in what is, on

In: A Garland For Gissing

alienating is an important motif in the work of the Zimbabwean Dambudzo Marechera, a writer whose experience of exile in London, Flora Veit-Wild notes, "was aggravated by increasing racism in Britain".14 Marechera spent a substantial portion of his time in England living a life of "homelessness and

In: The Swarming Streets
Author: Eyal Segal

writing, and refers to the latest events in the chronology of the story: his buying of, and living in, the Ashburnhams’ estate, his looking after Nancy in her insane condition, and Leonora’s marriage to Rodney Bayham. In the following passage (which begins with a reference to Nancy), he explicitly

In: Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier

taken a serious interest in the activities of my life which of course are its distinction and its value. [ ... ] We have been living amongst most distinguished men and women and your attitude to them has always been so-so negative! You would never recognise the importance of achievements, of

In: Conrad's Cities
Author: Omar Sabbagh

the naturalist observing him from the outside. Even “The logician … must have sentiment and romance in his existence; in every man’s life, indeed, which can be called a life at all, sentiment is the most living thing”.76 The inside, motive, is the most living thing. All this as a critique of what

In: From Sight through to In-Sight

personnages. Plus de funiculi ..." (140). No "funiculi," no cordons of life: a city detached from the living, such is Morand's Venice. This is not to say that no one inhabits the city, but those who do are dead, appearing only in the form of statues, tombs and inscriptions. In the single crowd scene described

In: Paul Morand
Author: Hilary Funnell

traditions in an attempt to repair this rupture and resist the new culture, living as if nothing has changed and as if their presence there is temporary. Other exiles use food as a bridge between their old culture and their new life – looking both ways, as it were. Some use food as a means of survival

In: Creativity in Exile