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Author: Rüdiger Campe

fire.« (MM 271) Life is essentially a process of generation and growth; and yet, the organic structure, as a necessary requirement of life, seems to have no origin or precedent other than itself. In the search for some link, scientists had stooped to the absurdity of hypothesizing living material

In: Thomas Mann
Author: Monika Shafi

current conditions of work and life through a forty-something, childless cou- ple living in Berlin in the first decade of the twenty-first century by tracking their struggles with jobs and relationships over the course of one week. Following in the tradition of the Zeitroman, the novel ad- dresses what

In: "Wenn sie das Wort Ich gebraucht"
Author: Joseph Leighton

, a point which will be discussed 1ater. There are also echoes of the same kind in the full title of Moll Flanders: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, who was Born in Newgate, and during a Life of continu' d variety for Threescore Years, bestdes her Childhood, was Twelve

In: Barocker Lust-Spiegel

was one of the most prominent poets of the Frederician era. He was born in 1715 and died a legendary death in the Battle of Kunersdorf in 1759—one of the bloodiest battles of the Seven Years’ War. His unsettled life foreshadows the life choices Heinrich von Kleist would be burdened with. Ewald

In: Heinrich von Kleist
Author: Stuart Taberner

in which Walser’s novels of the 1990s appear to rewrite his earliest work in order now to produce a victory for subjectivity over the banality of the merely ‘real’. Second, I argue that this process is continued into Der Lebenslauf der Liebe. The life of Susi Gern achieves some degree of

In: Seelenarbeit an Deutschland

, I have told no lies; and when I explain that the happiness, the honor, and perhaps the life of a human being might be saved by this journey, there is every reason to believe it.” “[T]he life of a human being”—surely Kleist is referring to himself here, but how was his journey to save him? The answer

In: Heinrich von Kleist

brother, Kleist had neither the talent for nor an interest in jokes; he disliked the Zenge’s “crisscrossing chatter.” 12 The change in his life plan—giving up his military career—corresponded with a change in his manner. Among company Kleist no longer played the part of a chivalrous officer, like his

In: Heinrich von Kleist

“There is nothing constant in me but inconstancy,” Kleist allegedly notes to a member of the von Schlieben family. 1 The phrase hits the mark. At the heart of Kleist’s life lies the experience of discontinuity. In Thun, in the summer of 1802, he seemed to have found a sense of direction for his

In: Heinrich von Kleist
Author: Moray McGowan

recognised that while his life’s struggle has not changed the world, ‘Die bessere Welt ist, wo man kämpft’. Fortified by this experience, in contrast to the younger generation, who have inherited the rhetoric of socialist struggle without the reality, Wilhelm experiences before he dies a utopian moment

In: Volker Braun in Perspective

Magdeburg, which could have reoccupied Berlin at a moment’s notice. 2 Kleist’s letters from the spring of 1810 tell us virtually nothing about his everyday life in Berlin. At the time nobody could have guessed that six months later he would become a journalist in the Prussian capital. He frequented the

In: Heinrich von Kleist