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sense of identity in the years of living in Ex-Yugoslav Macedonia, until her second migration, this time to Germany, in 1985. Primarily a university philosophy teacher, she becomes a writer only after the 1990s. The first book she published in the late 1990s was not fiction, but primarily a kind of

In: Shoreless Bridges

. Though living on the estate, or rather on its periphery, he is in fact homeless. He sleeps in sheds or haystacks and finding his own food occupies the whole of his day, like a wild animal. In short, his existence is the sheer denial of all significant features that make up human social life for the

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decribes the life, history and customs of the Old Believers, who lived on the banks of the Volga, east and south of Nizhnii Novgorod. In order to give a comprehensive picture of the Old Believers the author introduces a lot of factual information and a large number of characters. As the histories of the

In: Dutch Contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists

) " [Ljife had been real before, life will be real from now on, I hope ." (Nabokov, "'That in Aleppo Once .. .. '" N 564) As Herbert Grabes points out, in performing a parodic aobliteration of the boundary between fiction and reality" (Grabes 269) Nabokov's novels mark a turning point in twentieth

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'predsmertnyj' is syntactically connected with a new category of words: living beings. The new combination is non-standard, so that its meaning is not immediately clear: it has to be interpreted (e.g.: 'flies shortly before their death'). In other forms of 'category-manipulation' a word which designates time

In: Dutch Contributions to the Eleventh International Congress of Slavists

personality, no I, nothing is mine; from heaven to earth there is only the fiery waterfall of universal existence, inception, disappearance. Boris Poplavsky: Homeward/rom Heaven'P The Life of a Poet In her excellent essay on Poplavsky's lifel 13 Elena Menegaldo gives us meaningful insights into Poplavsky

In: One Less Hope

Complication (initial) 2nd complication 3rd complication 4th complication 5th complication 6th complication Peripeteia Denouement Resolution Epilogue - description of life in the camp - description of his standing in the camp - getting ready to work night shift - a call to see the duty officer

In: Varlam Shalamov’s Kolyma Tales

Bulgarian Émigrés and Their Literature: A Gaze from Home Nikolaj Aretov Abstract: The paper sketches the general picture of literature written far from home in the late 20th and early 21st century. Noting three waves of Bulgarian writers living abroad and the dynamics of their

In: Shoreless Bridges

empirical reality. In other words, the characters' deeds are apparently motivated not only by their specific individual psychological make-up, but also by a pre-determined conception of human fate and human existence. It is therefore not coincidental that in the last two decennia there has been a

In: Character in the Short Prose of Ivan Sergeevič Turgenev

Katharina Hansen Love 'o6~enponeTapcI<Hit .n;oM' - these are the motives that constitute the historical and socio-economic layer of meaning of the story. On a more abstract, philosophical level, problems such as man's search for the meaning of life, the interrelation be­ tween man and nature, man as part

In: Dutch Contributions to the Eleventh International Congress of Slavists