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Author: Donna Loftus

that met at each other’s homes. When Smith moved to Clapham after being returned as a Member of Parliament for Liverpool he met with other Members of Parliament in his living room. This close association between public and private life is shown in the location for self-made men and the civic 313

In: Controlling Time and Shaping the Self
Author: Peter Fritzsche

context of private arrangements – as in the case of Renan’s memory of the old man – but for rearranging private life in historical and insistently nostalgic terms, as is the case in the practice of a Renan 80 peter fritzsche recollecting his youth. In other words, I want to suggest that the drastic

In: Controlling Time and Shaping the Self
Author: Melanie Nolan

never thought of my books as the stories of Moses or Johnson. I never had the slightest interest in writing the life of a great man. From the very start I thought of writing biographies as a means of illuminating the times of the men I was writing about and the great forces that molded those times

In: Fear of Theory
Author: Henri Beunders

without sometimes even noticing it. Isn’t life comparable to what was depicted in the movie The Truman Show, where the protagonist is una- ware that he is living his life under a dome of studio lamps, to provide a sensational reality soap opera for millions of TV viewers? Seen in this exaggerated way a

In: Controlling Time and Shaping the Self

this. Moreover, Latin had a symbolic value for them: Latin was part of stu- dent life, and this gave it a certain cachet, especially for boys who were still at grammar school, also known as ‘Latin school’. And Latin also had elite connotations: only boys of the upper classes learned this lan- guage

In: Conventional Correspondence
Author: J. Blaak

word in everyday life; instead, the primary theme will be his reception of news through conversations, written texts and printed publications. 2 KB, mss 71 A 8–12. Th e full title of the fi rst volume is as follows: Chronologische historie van alle hetgeene is voorgevallen bij de komste van Willem

In: Literacy in Everyday Life

Zelda Fitzgerald, were financially and morally supported, all were hospitably welcomed, many lodged, entertained, and fed. Looking back on her parents’ privileged life, Honoria points out that it wasn’t social distinction that had motivated them. ‘It wasn’t a clique, it wasn’t a coterie’, her father

In: Women Writing on the French Riviera

Mansfield registered her desire to live life to the full. Work, self, and spirit were to be in harmony, a courageous goal when one considers that she was extremely unwell. Her Journal entry of 11 October sets down all: By health I mean the power to live a full, adult, living, breathing life in close

In: Women Writing on the French Riviera
Author: Jonathan Pease

shown great promise but achieved little so far, may have especially missed her fairness. For three years he slept in a shack by her grave, copying sutras in his own blood. 3 Wang Anshi stayed in the main house as head of the family. They may already have been living at the Banshan property (“Halfway

In: His Stubbornship: Prime Minister Wang Anshi (1021--1086), Reformer and Poet
Author: Emma Wagstaff

the reader to be attentive to formal detail. Du Bouchet offers the processes of writing and living, which involve returning, revising, and renewing perspectives as we age. Reading the forms of Du Bouchet’s poetic writing enables a response to the questions posed by the thinkers cited in this

In: André du Bouchet