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that with each problem they solve, they become increasingly capable of living a better quality of life. It is also holistic: The learners are solving real life problems that require their entire human being to be involved and contribute to solving the problem, PQ, IQ, EQ and SQ. And so they develop

In: Educational Change in South Africa

has attracted criticism for its colonisation of everyday life and the imposition of responsibility for continuing education onto the individual (Field, 2006), Scandinavian societies, as represented by the analyses in this collection, still hold onto state supported educational initiatives as a

In: Learning across Contexts in the Knowledge Society

). As Haigh notes, many of the early layers were motivated by materialistic goals. The early focus was on off-shore enrolment as a revenue raising exercise and in response to declining government funding. The upsurge in international enrolments presented universities with a challenge to ensure that

In: Realising Innovative Partnerships in Educational Research

about working as an air stewardess in the future and living in a multi-cultural city like New York. What is essential in Ndey’s case is how she changes her learner position from “not very smart” to a that of amotivated” student. Her teacher’s identification and support of her funds of knowledge is

In: Learning across Contexts in the Knowledge Society

Education confirm that currently there are a greater proportion of drop-outs in secondary education, especially in areas with low living standards. In these areas, a larger number of drop-outs also feel ignored and neglected by those making decisions and formulating policy. Apart from poverty and

In: The Burden of Educational Exclusion

out that a majority of students in my class are heterosexual, and that a majority of the boys do find a woman like Pam Anderson attractive, so that my assumptions might not be far off. They could further point out that, if for the sake of argument, I chose to motivate Jason with a male example (e

In: The Politics of Education

the universe on a very basic physical level. For anyone who does not believe in a spiritual connection among all life, this physical connection should be equally awe-inspiring and should have equal potential to motivate us towards spiritual consciousness – to respect life and to seek

In: Spirituality, Education & Society

the school organization. LIVING THE JANUS HEAD 97 CONCEPTUALIZATIONS OF LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS: A LITERATURE REVIEW In our analysis of the literature we focused on definitions, conceptualizations and research on school leadership in general and school leadership in a context of scale enlargement

In: Back to the Future

and non-formal agricultural education and training. Recently, attempts have been made to reintroduce agriculture into the primary school curriculum; however, the subject is taught in such a way that it is still far from achieving the goals of instilling a positive attitude and providing life

In: The Burden of Educational Exclusion

, 2000), calling for a skilled and productive labour force and the Education Sector Strategic Plan (GOL, 2005) which intends to provide education for all, including the development of life skills for the most disadvantaged. Since 2000, primary education has officially been universal and free

In: The Burden of Educational Exclusion